Far Cry 6 – Supremacy (Yaran Story) Guide

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Supremacy is one of the available Yaran story quests.

It requires you to obtain Depleted Uranium from Anti-Aircraft sites.

  • NEXT MISSION: Who’s A Good Boy?
  • RANK: Rank 3
  • QUEST GIVER: Juan Cortez
  • GUIDE:
  • This specific mission becomes available during Operation Mission The Guerrilla
  • Juan will want you to purchase his goods from the workbench. However, in order to do so you will need Depleted Uranium.
  • You can get Depleted Uranium from Anti-Aircraft Sites.
  • To begin with Juan will be selling all kinds of Supremos and Resolver Weapons such as; Fantasma, Volta, El Muro, La Clavadora, and El Susurro which are available for 250 Uranium each
  • An area in which you can find some Depleted Uranium is over near Vencejo Channel – Quito
  • They are then found in large containers. You will be able to tell if you are close to one, as the hazardous image logo will appear on the mini map and the container itself
  • For locations to the other Anti-Aircraft Sites you can find a map back at Juan’s office on Libertad Island
  • This map will show the various Aircraft sites on all of the different islands. The sites will be marked with a red X on the map
  • Visit each site until you can purchase all of Juan’s gear


Time for a super-hero team-up Dani, my weapons and your skills

You want more toys? Bring me back Depleted Uranium from those Anti-Aircraft Sites, then go wild with my Supremos and Resolver Weapons. Remember, rank up and I’ll have even more in store for you

  • Acquire all of Juan’s weapons
  • Go to Juan’s Office or any of Juan’s Arms Dealers


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