Far Cry 6 – Thicker Than Water (Repair Your Statue) Pagan Min DLC Guide

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Thicker Than Water is one of the many available missions that you will come across during the Far Cry 6 – Pagan Min Control DLC.

The mission itself requires you to repair your statue and find the missing statue head. Its a nice looking statue but yes, at present it is rather headless.

So anyway here is a quick simple guide on how to find this elusive head.

  • You will encounter the Ticker Than Water mission whilst at Chal Jama Monastery, whilst the statue may look clean and lovely it is currently missing its head. The mission itself is a one bar difficulty delusion mission
  • In order to find this head you will need to turn around from the statue in order to find some ledges that you can climb. Followed then by a vine that will need to be climbed too.
  • Once at the top there will be a wooden floor sitting amongst the rocks, destroy this wooden floor and head through the gap to reach lower ground. The missing statue head can be found in here.
  • Note: You can also collect a Kyrati Guide II down here too
  • Now return to the statue in order to complete the mission.


Looks like some sort of ”Pagan’s Greatest Hits’ situation. Probably need to enter this monastery and relive some terrible memories, don’t I?


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