Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Stranger In The Rain)

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First Thread: Stranger in the Rain is a bonus chapter within Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. In it you also get to play as a brand new character known as Ayane, who is actually from the Dead or Alive fighting game series.

In this guide I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, things such as file locations, ghost sightings, fatal glances, and so on. As I have been doing for my main game walkthrough.

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  • Head to the 1F Access Stairway and we will learn about following the Purple Thread (R2 – Playstation), this is basically the same as the main game. It is used for when you need guidance on where to go next.
  • The purple thread is heading north, so lets follow it to the passageway and down the stairs, seems the path is blocked.
  • Head up the stairs to the next floor and there will be a scene



  • After receiving The Shadow Sigil we can now move on, return to the abandoned inn.
  • Ayane will now sense a ghost and we will now get a tutorial on The Spirit Filament.
  • The Spirit Filament basically acts as a sensor and lets you know how the spirits are reacting, blue meaning that they are unaware of your presence, yellow is basically when you are on caution, and red means that they know of your presence and are on the attack. Yes, this plays nothing like the main game, instead it feels more like a game of Metal Gear Solid featuring ghosts and spirits.
  • Instead of using a camera to attack the ghosts, we will now be using a flashlight. In order to increase your attack you will need to hold the R2 button (Playstation), and wait for the meter on the bottom left of the screen to fill up before releasing the button.
  • Head to the 2F Access Stairway (where we were before we reached the Second Thread). Then enter Room 201 and grab the Sacred Water
  • There will be a Herbal Medicine in the north east corner, by the window.
  • Head to the 3F Guest Room Stairway.
  • Up here you can find a Mirrorstone to the right, then when you are ready head to the Rooftop
  • On the rooftop, to the left there will be a note we can pick up (Note Left Behind 1)
  • Now make your way to the Exit to Hikami Tunnel, you can get there by going through the 3F Back Door.
  • (Also: If you did not know already these ghosts cannot be defeated with the torchlight, so just use it to stun them and move on)
  • We should now be at the Hikami Tunnel, there will only be the single ghost here so just move on and head to the Blockade Entrance
  • Here pick up the Herbal Medicine and then continue on. Keep an eye to the right for a Sacred Water
  • Towards the gate at the end of the area, there will be a traces ghost sighting (Tsumugi Katashina in the Tunnel)
  • Now when we reached the gate there should of been another path going off to the side, head down here. This will lead to the Womb Cavern
  • There will be a ghost by the plank and an Ink Bottle here too. Follow the path to the Unfathomable Forest.
  • There will be a Herbal Medicine to the left as soon as you arrive, the continue on and under the fallen tree.
  • At the fork, turn and head left. Head to the NE – Clinging Path for another traces scene (Tsumugi Katashina in the Forest)
  • Then from the last traces scene, turn and head right and head through the water. There will be a Purifying Embers here
  • Head across the Pure Water Bridge and then enter the doll shrine.
  • There will be another traces photo opportunity of Tsumugi down the path here (Tsumugi Katashina in the Shrine)
  • Head to the Rear Garden Veranda and then make your way to the Path of the Ephemeral.
  • Head up the stairs and towards the shrine door, as you make your way towards the door there will be another note (Note left Behind 2)
  • At the shrine door there will be another Tsumugi Katashina sighting (Tsumugi Katashina Entering the Shrine). If you have been following my other (main game walkthrough), you should now have all of the traces sightings completed and earned the Clairvoyant trophy achievement



  • We will now be in the Shrine of the Ephemeral.
  • As soon as the chapter begins, head to the right of the table for a note (Note Left Behind 3), there will also be a Mirrorstone here too
  • Head to the Interior Hallway – S, you can find an Ink Bottle in the Lodger’s Room.
  • Then make your way to the Casket Altar via the Outer Hallway, there we can find another Ink Bottle
  • Retrace your steps now and head down the stairs to the Black Water Hallway, here turn left (towards the Hall of Caskets) and there will be a scene involving Tsumugi



  • With Tsumugi now having been found, our task is to now escape the building. Start by making your way to the Purification Shrine
  • Deal with the ghosts here and then push forward towards the Under Hall of Lanterns.
  • Head up the stairs and deal with the ghost spirit here, then exit the building.


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