Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – To The Other Side) Part 1 Of 2

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Twelfth Drop – To The Other Side (Part 1 Of 2) chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • This chapter has us searching for Hisoka and we begin in Yuri’s room. As soon as you gain control leave and follow the walkway around to Hisoka’s room
  • In here we can find the Shrine on the Water file on the desk and the Hisoka’s Journal 4 next to the bed. Now try to leave the room and there will be a ghost sighting on the mirror here. We cannot collect this one though but it is a nice little additional scare.
  • Now make your way to the Store Hallway in order to exit the building, but don’t exit just yet. There will be a ghost sighting that we can collect just before we enter the Store. Simply look up to see it and take a photo (Maiden Looking Down)
  • Leave the building and we will now be at the shrine entrance


  • Enter the shrine and we will now need to head to the boat. We can start by heading upstairs and through the door
  • A couple of Flamekeepers will then introduce themselves.
  • After the ghost fight, there will be a note just behind the table that we can pick up (Dedication). There will be a Mirrorstone to the left
  • Head into the Interior Hallway – E and then through the first door on the right. From there proceed downstairs.
  • Follow the Way of the Living – E passageway to the right in order to find the Purifying Embers, then enter the Lattice Window Hallway. Interact with the door here to learn that we need a camellia flower.
  • Okay back track out of the room and towards the boat, there will be a ghost sighting on the boat (Bride on the Water). The ghost will then drop a file (Water-design Journal 4)
  • Would you look at that the ghost also just dropped the camellia flower key, we should know where to go now.


  • However, just before you unlock the door there will be another ghost sighting by the barred window to the left (Shadow Lurking in the Dark)
  • Now unlock the door and enter, there will be another ghost sighting to the right here (Shadow in the Lattice). Continue along the path and you will bump into a Man Carrying a Reliquary ghost fight, after the fight it will then drop the Lily Plate Key
  • Now head towards the door to the north and it will take you to the Way of the Departed room, point you camera up and to the left for a ghost sighting (Maiden Staring at Water)
  • Head to where the ghost was seen and Yuri will mention that Hisoka is on the other side of the door. Head back down the stairs and enter the door on the left, Black Water Hallway.
  • Once inside immediately turn to the right for yet another ghost sighting (Maiden Beckoning Inside), follow the maiden and enter the next door. Here keep to the right and enter through the following door.
  • We will now be in the Inner Shrine. Take a photo of the statue’s feet in order to uncover a Cherry Plate Key. We will also get the Water-design Journal 3. We should now have the Camellia Plate Key, Lily Plate Key, and the Cherry Plate Key
  • Leave the room and return to the Black Water Hallway, this time head right and continue on. Head through the door at the end to be taken to the Way of the Living – W
  • Head up the stairs here and then turn left and head into the Lodger’s Room. In here there will be a ghost, who if you have not already got it, has a glance scene you can unlock. In this room, on the table, there will be a Type-61 Film
  • Return back downstairs and head to the Room with Casket, from there enter the opposite door to the Way of the Living – S.
  • Head up the northern stairs and make your way to the Garden Hallway – E. Unlock the door using the Lily Plate Key. Here you can find the Opening Reliquaries note on the floor
  • Exit through the other door and then in this next hallway, enter the door to the east to be taken to the Hanging Well room. Pick up the Type-14 Film on the left
  • Head to the right now in order to find the Hanging Well, take the Zero Lens which sits on the floor to the left. Interact with the Hanging Well and then return to the Reliquary Room. We will now be locked in.
  • Once we have managed to unlock the door again, return back to the Way of the Living – S and enter the Womb Path. We can now get the Reliquary Key



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