Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – The Shadowborn)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Eleventh Drop – The Shadowborn chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • As soon as the chapter begins leave the room, there isn’t much here so no point in hanging around. Head across the walkway to Hisoka’s room
  • In here we can get our first file of the chapter (Hisoka’s Journal 3). Now leave the room and head to Yuri’s room, which is to the left of Hisoka’s room and by the stairs
  • Grab the camera from the desk and we will get the Miku Hinasaki file


  • Before we leave the room be sure to pick up the Yuri’s Notebook 2, which is also sitting on the desk
  • When you exit the room make sure to turn left, there will be a ghost sighting just by the window (Woman who was Hanged)
  • Now head downstairs and there will be another ghost sighting by the window down here (Shrine Maiden in Shadow). Now leave the antique store by heading through the Store room and out the door


  • We will now be back at the Ephermeral Station, our objective has now changed to tracking down Miku’s trace
  • Immediately when you regain control, turn and look to the right for another ghost sighting (Shadow on the Staircase). Feel free to explore the control room for the same items as in previous chapters (Purifying Embers, Herbal Medicine, and Type-14 Film)
  • Just before you go down the stairs towards the shrine, there will be another Herbal Medicine and a Type-14 Film. Now make your way to the shrine.
  • At the shrine door we will get our first traces photo of Miku (Miku Hinasaki Walking on a Side Road). Try to follow Miku and we will get attacked by Flamekeepers.
  • After the fight we should then be able to follow Miku to the Forbidden Valley. Here head to the Blank Tombs – Front for another traces photo of Miku (Miku Hinasaki in the Forbidden Valley)
  • Before we follow Miku there will be some items we can pick up whilst we are here such as; Mirrorstone from the Northern Passage, Type-00 Film from Cherry Blossom Plateau, Type-90 Film and Sacred Water from Gravestone Passageway.
  • Anyway when you are ready, continue by following Miku. Here we can also get another tracer photo opportunity (Miku Hinasaki before Ghost Marriage). Continue up the path to House of Joining
  • As you continue to follow the path you will inevitably come across another ghost trace of Miku (Miku Hinasaki in the House of Joining).


  • Miku will then drop a file (Note From Miku 2). Enter the shrine and pick up the Herbal Medicine, continue through the door
  • As soon as you enter through the door there will be another ghost sighting (Old Woman Beckoning In). Head into the corner, to the right of the altar in order to find the Bind Lens
  • Head through the door next to you and you will be at the staircase, grab the Herbal Medicine here. Go upstairs
  • Once upstairs there will be another ghost sighting (Kazuya Sakaki). Follow Kazuya into the white paper doors (Guard Room)
  • Here interact with the wooden window panel and in doing so we will trigger a ghost fight. Now leave the room and head into the brown door to the left (Interior Guest Room)
  • Get the Note from Ren file from the floor, then leave the room and head back downstairs. Head through the Wedding Votive room and this time use the other door.
  • We will now be in the Circle Window Hallway, continue down the hall until you read halfway. Here you can spot Kazuya once again, to the left. Take a photo of him (Kazuya Sakaki)
  • Follow Kazuya into the room on the left and you can find Type-61 Film in the drawers, Type-00 Film on the floor, and Sacred Water on top of the baskets
  • Head into the Banquet Hall and there will be a door in here that, after you have tried interacting with it, will resonate with the camera. Take a photo of it and we will get a picture of a location with a ghostly figure.
  • Return to the Circle Window Hallway and to the far left you can find a Purifying Ember. Enter through the door next to you, it should lead to the Kimono Room.
  • In here you can find a Herbal Medicine and when you are ready to proceed, go ahead and interact with the kimono rack here in order to trigger a quick scene
  • Now that we have spotted the location from the picture, we can now return back to the locked door. However, you can expect a ghost fight along the way.
  • After the fight go ahead and unlock the door, there is only one way and one door that we can access through here. When heading through the door there will be a ghost sighting (Old Woman Beckoning In)
  • After taking the photo enter through the door on the left, we will now be back in the Kimono room but on the other side. Miku will also be here finall.. oh…
  • Anyway after the ghost fight, go ahead and pick up the file it left behind (Note from Miku 3). Leave the room.
  • Now head down the passageway in front of you, where the Old Woman Beckoning In headed. Enter the door at the end and on the left.
  • Here we can find a Purifying Embers, as soon as you open the following door a scene will occur.
  • After the fight we will then get the White Diary. Go back and inspect the black box for another scene.


  • Return all the way back to the Wedding Votive Altar room, fighting various different ghosts along the way. Then simply head through the door here and out of the area.

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