Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Ghost Marriage)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Tenth Drop – Ghost Marriage chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • When the chapter begins keep to the right and you should reach a door. Go inside and head upstairs, there will be a ghost gathering just below you, take a photo of it (Man by the Fire)
  • Head through the door on the right and there will be another ghost sighting in here (Man Crafting Reliquaries)
  • The ghost will then leave a note behind (The Black Reliquaries). Return to the walkway and enter through the door at the far end. 2nd Floor Storeroom
  • In here we can find Type-00 Film and a Mirrorstone. Return to the walkway and enter through the only other door up here.
  • Head downstairs now and unlock the door at the end of the corridor but do not enter it as there is nothing really in there worth noting about. Instead head through the other door down here to be taken to the Forbidden Flame Altar
  • There will be a file on the altar (On Flamekeepers). Picking up this file will trigger a Flamekeeper ghost fight, if you haven’t already be sure to unlock the glance scene by touching their fallen souls
  • After the fight there will be another note by the fire (Bloodstained Note 2). Leave the room through the other door (after you unlock it) in order to reach the Torn Screen Hallway. Exit the building by going through the first door on the right, we will now be back outside.
  • Now that the optional part of the mission has been taken care of, continue along the path north and you should be able to find a Purifying Embers on the ground.
  • We should be at Casket Marsh Backroad, in this area there will be a set of bushes that we can crawl through, which leads to SW – Concealed Copse. Here we can find the Type-61 Film
  • Backtrack now and head to the SW – Shortcut to River in order to find a Sacred Water. Now if you head to the Lantern Path from the SW – Shortcut to River you should be able to get a ghost sighting (Girl with a Red Umbrella). Yes she is the same ghost that we saw during Immortal Flower chapter
  • Get the Type-61 Film from where she once stood, then head right, under the fallen tree stump. There will be another ghost sighting to the right, by the tree (Woman Offering Flowers)
  • Continue north and get the Purifying Embers. There will be a new ghost that can be found on the Submerged Path, she also has a glance scene to unlock. Her weakness can be exploited when she begins falling from mid-air
  • Head to the doll shrine in order to continue the story. When you arrive, head to the 1F Front Shrine.
  • Inside the 1F Front Shrine, there will be a note on the floor (Shiragiku’s Journal 1). Head into the Womb Cavern.
  • When you reach the middle section of the area (Lamplit Corridor), there will be a ghost sighting to the right (Woman Floating)
  • Collect the Sacred Water here if you need it. Head to Room with Reliquary and we will now need to fight the ghost we just took a picture of. After the fight, head to the Forest Outskirts via the door in the room.


  • As soon as you regain control, there will be a ghost sighting to the right (Tall Woman). Head inside the building.
  • As soon as you enter the building there will be another ghost sighting (Kazuya Sakaki in the Hallway). Grab the Sacred Water from the shelving next to you.
  • At the end of the corridor there will be a file you can pick up (Rui’s Journal 5). Head to the Back Staircase, using the door on the left. Here we will get another traces photo of Kazuya Sakaki (Kazuya Sakaki Ascending the Stairs)
  • Follow Kazuya up the stairs, here we can find a Type-14 Film. Head to the Study and there will be a ghost sighting at the window (Woman Looking In)
  • Then pick up the Herbal Medicine on the bookcase to the left and the Folklorists’ Notes 8 from the desk. Unlock the door to the left but don’t enter through it just yet. Instead head around the corner to the Storeroom
  • Here we will find one of the black boxes, open it for a scene. We will now find ourselves at the House of Joining.
  • Head to the western corner of the room and look through the bars in order to get a ghost sighting (Rui Kagamiya Heading Inside)
  • Turn around and sitting on the cushion is a file (Kazuya’s Note 1). Exit through the door, then head left and down the stairs
  • (NOTE: You can get the Dr. Aso’s Records 1 file from the 2F Guard Room, which is immediately to the right of the Interior Guest Room. Thanks to Akeashar for pointing this one out)
  • We can get another ghost sighting if we head left and around from the bottom of the stairs and enter through the paper door. The ghost sighting will be to the left of the room (Kazuya Sakaki Looking At A Photo). Kazuya will also drop a file (On Choosing A Bride)
  • Head through the door on the left which leads to the Circle Window Hallway and there will be another Kazuya photo opportunity (Kazuya Sakaki in a Corner). Just like before Kazuya Sakaki will also drop a file for us to read (Kazuya’s Note 2)
  • Enter through the door to the left and we can find a Herbal Medicine. Leave then head down the corridor to the right and enter through the door. In here we can find the On Bridehood file and a Sacred Water
  • Return back to the Circle Window Hallway and head through the door on the right, we should now be in the Banquet Hall. Take the Regarding Bridegrooms File
  • Leave through the doors on the right, this may trigger a ghost fight. We should now be at the Partitioned Hallway -N, head left and through the next door. A scene will occur


  • After the scene, exit the room and there will be a Kazuya photo opportunity (Kazuya Sakaki Talking), take the nearby Herbal Medicine and backtrack your way downstairs
  • There will be another Kazuya scene as you enter the Family Chapel room (Man Stuck in a Reliquary), grab the Purifying Embers and then head to Porch and turn and head right.
  • There will be a door here that (when interacted with) requires you to take a photo of the door handle, we will then be given pictures of a set of photographs.


  • A bunch of ghost hands will then spawn from the nearby wall, after taking care of those proceed to the Family Chapel room.
  • In here if you look towards the ceiling, there will be a set of photographs. Take a picture of the ones that resemble the picture we just got. After successfully taking a photo of the correct photographs we will be given the Rusty Key
  • Prepare for our final ghost fight of the mission, after which it will drop the Kazuya’s Note 3
  • Use the Rusty Key on the door and lets get out of here

NEXT CHAPTER: The Shadowborn


3 thoughts on “Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Ghost Marriage)

  1. In the final battle against Kazuya’s ghost you can Glance him to get a scene! Think it’s triggered by Fatal Framing him while he’s walking backwards at you.

  2. Good guide! I’m terrible at getting some of the glances so I’ll probably have to do an Easy playthrough just for them.
    An additional file you can get in this chapter is after you get transported to the House of Joining. When you leave the room you appear in, go through the sliding door to the right into the Guard Room. There will be a ‘Dr Aso’s Records 1’ in here. You may need to open the sliding window into the Interior Guest Room, or at least I noticed the item indicator when I had begun to open it.

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