Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Immortal Flower)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Sixth Drop – Immortal Flower chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • In this chapter we will be following the trace of Miu Hinasaki, the daughter* of the main protagonist from the original Fatal Frame. (*: I originally thought Miu was the main protagonist, rather than the daughter, so thanks to Akeashar for pointing out my slight oopsie)
  • Anyway when you cross the bridge in front of you, stop half way and look to the right for a photo opportunity of Miu. This is our first trace photo of the mission. Miu Hinasaki Heading Inside
  • Head to where Miu was spotted and go through the gap in the gate and we will then find ourselves in Mikomori Station.
  • Continue along the path and soon enough we will get our next trace photo of Miu. (Miu Hinasaki at the Station)
  • You may encounter a few ghosts here at the entrance, you can also find a Herbal Medicine by the ticket window. To the left of the ticket building there will be a Sacred Water
  • Continue to the right and you will find the cable car, point your camera towards the cable car to find a ghost sighting. Waiting Woman
  • Next to the bin you can find a Type-14 Film, then board the cable car to find the Note from Miu
  • Now activate the cable car and let us take a ride. We will arrive at the Ephemeral Station
  • Here we can find a Herbal Medicine at the ticket window and when you are ready, head inside the building.
  • Inside we can find the Type-14 Film and Herbal Medicine sitting on the shelf. There is also a Purifying Ember on the table
  • When you are ready, leave the room and head down the stairs. Follow the path to Path of the Ephemeral
  • When you arrive at the set of torches, just turn and head left down the stairs. There will be a Herbal Medicine at the bottom of the stairs
  • Take the path to the left and follow it for a Type-00 Film, head back to the set of torches now. There will be another Miu trace photo just before you reach the door. (Miu Hinasaki Entering the Shrine)
  • Head inside the shrine.
  • Inside the shrine head to the left for a Type-90 Film, then head up the stairs and through the door to the Hall of Lanterns


  • Head to the desk in the middle of the room in order to find a Mirrorstone, then head to the right side of the room for another tracer shot of Miu. (Miu Hinasaki Going through a Door)
  • Head through the door that Miu just went through and enter the door on the right. Follow the hallway to the door at the end, we will now be in the Garden Hallway – E
  • Turn left and once you reach the end there will be a ghost sighting (Old Woman in the Door). For another ghost sighting, head through the door on the left and into the Garden Hallway – N. From there follow the balcony right and take a photo of the ghost on the other balcony across from you (Shrine Maiden in a Room)
  • Continue along the balcony and enter the door at the end, here again continue to follow the path and it will take you downstairs.
  • We will now be in water, follow the path around to the right and enter through the door to reach the Black Water Hallway. To the left there will be another Miu Hinasaki photo opportunity. (Miu Hinasaki Drawing Back)
  • Continue down the left hall and make a right, through the door. You should remember this room from the Prologue chapter
  • Head towards the black box and take a photo of it in order to get a photo of somewhere else


  • Exit the room and head left, open the door on the right and make your way back upstairs.
  • Enter through the first door opposite you (Outer Hallway), then follow the hallway around and open the door at the end. Casket Altar
  • Once in the Casket Alter, there will be a ghost in here that we need to fight. This ghost also has a glance scene to unlock.
  • After the fight you can find Type-00 Film to the right of the stairs and The Immortal Flower note by the stairs. Then take a photo of the altar here to reveal another location and we will have a new objective.


  • Leave the room and head back downstairs and then head through the door on the left. Way of the Living – N
  • Follow the path around to the left and collect the Herbal Medicine, a ghost will then spawn.
  • Head back through the door now and then back upstairs.
  • Once upstairs, head left and enter the door to the Lodger’s Room. There will be a ghost sighting in here, Shrine Maiden in a Room
  • The maiden will end up leaving a note behind. Writings on Glancing. There is also a Type-61 Film on the table, picking this up will trigger a ghost fight.
  • Leave the room and head back downstairs. Enter the door to the north east, Room with the Casket. There will be a ghost maiden in the room, take a photo of it in order to progress with the story.
  • The ghost in the room will not be very impressed. Near where the ghost was originally stood, there will be a note. Tainted Waters. Head through the door here
  • Continue down the passageway and stop when you see a boat to the left, take a photo of this ghost as it is required for the story. It, just like the last ghost photo we took, resembles the picture puzzle from the Casket Altar.
  • You can find the Mt. Hikami’s Strictures in the water here. Then head to the left and then left again, past the railings for a Purifying Ember.
  • Then enter the door here to the Lattice Window Hallway in order to find the The Shadow-touched file
  • Now there is an opening in the door to the right, if you time it correctly you can actually take a photo of a ghost sighting (Man Staring Back)
  • For completing the puzzle we will now be rewarded with the Dark Sun Mirror and Slow Lens


  • We will now need to backtrack through the various different rooms in order to return to the Casket Altar
  • Once you are back at the Casket Altar, interact with the altar in order to unlock the black box behind it. Nothing much else to do in here so lets leave.


  • We now need to travel back to the Hall of Caskets, to where we originally saw the black box in the mission. Boss time! This ghost has a glance scene which seems to trigger when she dives towards you, so take a photo then and touch her soul.
  • After the fight go ahead and interact with the black box for a scene.


  • Leave the room and continue down the hall for another scene. As perhaps expected this isn’t a fight we are going to win right now, so immediately try to run down the rest of the hallway and turn right and then through the door to the Purification Shrine.
  • There will be more ghosts here and we can win this fight, so deal with them and then we can move on. Head through the door to the Lattice Hallway, we are still being chased so we need to keep running.
  • Head left and enter the door at the end, on the right. We will now be in the Under Hall of Lanterns.
  • Quickly head up the stairs and turn left to the Hall of Lanterns, use the door to the west and we will almost be back outside again. Exit the shrine through the double doors and a scene will occur.
  • We will now be back at the Ephemeral Station. Head up the stairs towards the cable car


  • We need to power up the cable car and we can start by heading inside the building here. A few ghosts will decide to join you. Both of these ghosts have glance scenes, however, as one of them was from a previous chapter you will not be able to get their scene again if you already have it unlocked. (Note: If you head to the console before taking down the ghosts, you should be able to take a photo of the Tall Woman. Thanks to Akeashar and Willow for this)
  • After dealing with the spooks, be sure to use the terminal here and power up the cable car. Head inside the cable car and use the terminal in here to ride out of the area.
  • Whilst we are in the cable car interior there will be a scene and a storm will hit. We will now be back at the Forest Station.


  • There will be a Sacred Water at the end of the platform, to the left. There will also be a Herbal Medicine by the tree next to the stairs
  • Head left now and continue to follow the path, there will be a ghost sighting to the right, amongst the trees. (Tall Woman)
  • Continue to follow the path, collect the Herbal Medicine along the way, then head to Hikami Tunnel
  • Head through the gate and turn right, there will be a ghost here holding an umbrella. She doesn’t seem to attack or count towards being a Specter. Still take a photo and we will be seeing her again later.
  • As you continue on there will be another ghost, this time a more hostile one. If he isn’t appearing then take the Herbal Medicine by the car to lure him out. This ghost also has a glance scene.
  • Continue on though the tunnel and head through the gate at the end. We will now be ambushed by several ghosts. Near where the group of ghosts spawned out from will be a Cave-in Record file
  • Defeat the next ghost and take the Sacred Water from the boxes and the Herbal Medicine next to the oil drums, then examine the door at the end to trigger another ghost fight. As soon as the ghost is defeat, the door will be unlocked.
  • Here there will be a passage to the left that leads to Mikomori Hot Springs.
  • Enter the nearby building, we will now be back at the Ichiru Manor. Head through the door on the left to be taken to the Rooftop.
  • To the right you can get the Type-14 Film, then continue on for a scene. We will then find ourselves back at Kurosawa’s Antiques. Inspect Miu

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3 thoughts on “Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Immortal Flower)

  1. Thanks for the write up! Two minor notes:
    Miu is actually the daughter of the protagonist of the first Fatal Frame, who is Miku.
    Also, during the ‘Get the Cable Car running’ sequence, when you head into the building to use the circuit breaker, if you run to the console before fighting the ghosts you can get another Tall Woman photo.

    1. Ah, it is Miku who is the main protagonist, my mistake. Hey it is an easy one to make though, I mean Mi(k)u and Miku only one letter missing. Does add up though as I thought she looked a bit different and now I know why ha! It has been such a long time since I last played the original.

      Meh, typical and to miss out on such a big ghost too. It is surprising that so many of the same ghost show up throughout the game, It is hard to keep track of sometimes.

    2. Hey Selphie, just wanted to point out the Tall Woman photo at Ephemeral Station (where you need to turn the power on, like Akeashar mentioned) hasn’t been added to the walkthrough. Please add when you can so others don’t miss out when following your guide. And thanks again for this. It’s been a lifesaver getting me through all the glaces and such.

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