Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – The Veiled House)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Fifth Drop – The Veiled House chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • Start the chapter by inspecting the table in front of you and getting The Veiled House tape, a scene will then occur.
  • After the scene head to the back of the sofa to collect the Rui’s Journal 2, then proceed by answering the phone.
  • After the scene leave the room, we will now be outside of the doll shrine.
  • We need to find a way into the Womb Cavern, lets begin by heading inside the shrine via the back door. Unfortunately our usual route into the Front Shrine is locked, so head through the door leading to the Returning Hallway instead.
  • Scene.


  • Despite needing to head into the Womb Cavern, Rui has now gone missing and our prioritise have now changed. So leave the room and return to the Returning Hallway
  • Our job now is to play a game of hide and seek with the ghost kids we just came across. We can begin by heading to the 1F Storeroom and take a picture of the table here.
  • Head to the 1F Sanctum Hallway and take a photo of the hole in the floor to reveal the next child.
  • The drawer behind you has a Herbal Medicine if you need it, otherwise head to the 1F Workshop in order to find the last child.
  • At the workshop open the door to the right and take a photo of the floor. We will now spot one of the kids drop a note.
  • Open the door to the north to reach the Flooded Sanctum and get the Rui’s Journal 3


  • Head to the Sanctum Hallway – N and go down into the water. Down here on the shelf to the right there will be a file. Shrine of Dolls 2
  • Before you head to the Memento Cloister, be sure to get the Mirrorstone on the shelf to the left.
  • Okay with that sorted let us go and find Rui. Head to the Sanctum Hallway – E and open the door to the left. Take a photo of the floor to reveal a scene.


  • Head to the Returning Hallway in order to fight a ghost, this one also has a glance scene to unlock so remember to touch his soul
  • Now we can head to the Front Shrine for yet another scene. Head to Womb Cavern


  • Here head to the Room with Reliquary, where we managed to find Haruka in the previous chapter
  • Once you arrive, check the door to the north west, it is locked. Take a photo of the door to reveal where the key is.
  • Whilst we are here examine the boxes in the room for a ghost surprise. Once defeated the ghost will drop the Iris Plate Key which can be used on the door here.
  • Head through the door for a scene


  • Enter the building and there will be a ghost waiting for you, defeat it.
  • There are a few things we can pick up here, including a Sacred Water on the book case next to the door and a Herbal Medicine from the drawers in the Tv room. When you pick up the Herbal Medicine, there will be a ghost sighting behind Rui, take a photo. (Murmuring Keiji Watari)
  • Head into the Flooded Room, opposite the Living Room and you can find the Folklorist’s Notes 1
  • When you are ready go ahead and examine the phone for a quick scene. At the end of it you can take another photo of Keiji Watarai
  • Head on upstairs now and you can find Type-61 Film in the set of drawers to the left, as well as another photo opportunity of Keiji Watarai (Wandering Keiji Watarai)
  • Return back to 1F and head to the the door at the end of the Hallway with Pit, before we go through it though, there is a hole in the floor here and a Sacred Water. Getting the Sacred Water will trigger a ghost fight. Head through the door.
  • We will be at the Back Staircase. A ghost will be in here, so deal with that before we can move on. Then head into the Family Chapel and take the Purifying Embers from the drawers. You can also get another Sacred Water from the other set of drawers
  • Head up the stairs now in order to get our next Keiji Watarai photo opportunity. Transfixed Keiji Watarai. There is some Type-14 Film sitting on the books to the right.
  • Take the Folklorist’s Notes 3 from the books in the corner near the door. Now head through the door and on the book case in the middle of the room will be Folklorist’s Notes 4 and Keiji’s Cassette 2
  • Head to the back of the room now for yet another Keiji Watarai photo opportunity. (Keiji Watarai Lost in Thought)
  • In this room we can also find various files including Folklorist’s Notes 2 and Folklorist’s Notes 5, you can also find Keiji’s Cassette 1 under the Folklorist’s Notes 5
  • Head to the right side of the room and head through the door, we will now be in the Storeroom. Get the Type-14 Film from the floor and then make your way to the attic. Folklorist’s Notes 6 will be automatically added to our collection


  • You will now notice that mist is seeping through the walls, we need to get out of here. Start by heading back to the 1F Back Staircase and entering through the door to the right. Time for a ghost fight, this one has a glance scene if you are still interested in collecting them. We will also get the Folklorist’s Notes 7 and Keiji’s Cassette 3
  • Leave the room through the door next to the cabinet and Kyozo Kururugi might greet you when you do so. Fight him, it is unlikely that you can finish the fight. Then quickly point your camera towards the trees outside for a quick ghost sighting (Tall Woman)
  • Now head through the door leading to the 1st Floor Hallway and continue to follow the hallway to a box with a ghostly surprise. This ghost has a glance scene.
  • After the fight head through the double doors by the steps in order to trigger a scene.
  • We will then be at the Forest Station. Get the Herbal Medicine by the tree next to the tram, then head up the stairs. Before we board the tram there will be a Sacred Water you can collect
  • When you are ready, board the tram.

NEXT CHAPTER: Sixth Drop – Immortal Flower


3 thoughts on “Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – The Veiled House)

  1. Thank you so much for this guide! I got so confused what to do when Rui went missing, this really helped me! 😀

  2. Great guide. I’ve been finding them really useful for getting my clears.

    There are some optional photo shots that might be worth listing for this drop. After you trigger the 2nd and 3rd ghost children in their hiding spots (The hole and workshop respectively) you can get ‘Fleeing Child’ Specter photos of them. I’ve found that Type-7 film is too slow to get the Specter of the ghost in the hole, so I ended up using Type-90 for the Phantom Exposure and the Specter shot. With the ghost in the workshop, she appears behind you but there is enough time to turn and take a photo with Type-7

    Despite appearaning, I don’t believe you can take a photo of the boy that appears in the 1F storeroom after you take the Phantom Exposure photo of him, or of the box man on the way to the second ghost.

    There are another two ‘Fleeing Child’ photos after you rescue Rui. After the save point when you find Rui, when you take a step or two forward one will appear and you’ll be able to take a photo of her. Another will appear just as you head towards the door to the Returning Hallway, where he opens the door. If you have your camera out when you approach and sidestep to have the door in sight, its a relatively easy shot.

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