Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Spirited Away)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Fourth Drop – Spirited Away chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • We are now back at Mt. Hikami and we need to follow Haruka’s trace, we can begin our search by heading up the hill and turning left. A ghost may appear here, if so take care of it.
  • Then continue up the hill, as you do so though keep an eye on the left. There should be an optional ghost sighting here. Haruka Momose behind the Waterfall Ghost Sighting
  • Before the spirit of Haruka Momose disappears it will leave a file behind. Haruka’s Note 1
  • After you are done reading the note, there will be yet another ghost sighting. Simply point the camera towards the ceiling of this little shelter and you should be able to spot it. Woman who Leaps Down Ghost Sighting
  • Continue up the hill, there will be a Herbal Medicine along the way should you need it
  • Keep going and at the fork turn and head right. All this area should be very recognisable by now.
  • Stop when you reach the Purifying Path as there will be an optional ghost sighting not too far from your location. Also, whilst we are here be sure to take the Purifying Embers. Anyway head to the Pool of Purification and get your camera ready (Wistful Shrine Maiden) After you take a photo of the ghost it will drop a file. Haruka’s Note 2
  • After you are done reading the Haruka’s Note 2, a couple of ghosts will swoop in to ruin your day. If you are interested, these ghosts have hidden glance scenes so be sure to touch their souls
  • Continue on, up the hill and to the right. We should now be at the gate to the Unfathomable Forest.
  • Continue along the path and when the area opens up a bit more, get out your camera and take a photo of Haruka Momose (Haruka Momose Peering into the River)
  • Don’t put your camera away too soon though. Head closer to the damaged bridge and look right, into the water, another ghost sighting can be found here (Maiden Swept Downriver)
  • You can also find Herbal Medicine on the floor here. When you are ready head left and climb under the fallen tree branch
  • In the next area you can find a bag on the floor, try to pick it up in order to trigger a scene. We will now have another ghost battle on our hands. This ghost will also have a fatal glance scene if you are interest, so again be sure to touch its soul. (NOTE: After picking up the bag, if you take a photo of the ghost as it runs towards you, you will trigger the Looming Man ghost sighting. Thanks to Tom Van Ramshorst)
  • Whilst we are here there are a few items we can try and find such as Herbal Medicine and Film. Then when you are ready head to the SE Hanging Tree, keep your camera ready.
  • As you head towards the Hanging Tree and more specifically SE – Riverview Basin, keep your camera pointed towards the ground as there will be an optional ghost sighting here. (Man in Agony)
  • Okay now head to the SE – Bewildering Byway and there will be another optional ghost sighting. This one looks rather cool to be honest. (Wandering Shrine Maiden)
  • If you head east of Pure Water Bridge, you should be able to find a Purifying Ember near the water. Continue to follow the path until you reach a dead end, then turn left to find more water. Here you can also find Sacred Water and Type-14 Film
  • Head south from your position to the NE – Gravestone Basin in order to find some stones and a Mirrorstone
  • Return back to the Pure Water Bridge and towards NE – Pure Water River. Kyozo Kururugi may return so deal with him.
  • Anyway regardless if he does return or not, we need to cross the bridge here. When we do so however, there will be an optional ghost sighting (Murdered Shrine Maiden)
  • Head left from where the ghost was spotted in order to find the Haruka’s Notes 3
  • As you head towards the shrine get your camera ready as you will be able to take a photo of Haruka Momose here. Then when you reach the back door, you can then take another photo.
  • We can now enter the shrine.
  • Once inside, ignore the doors and run to the end of the hallway in order to find Herbal Medicine
  • Now head through the door on the right as you come into the shrine, the one opposite the dolls. Then head through the door after, to the right. We should now be at the Shrine of Dolls – 1F. Front Shrine.
  • Pick up the red parcel to the right in order to receive Crush Lens. Then the note behind you Haruka’s Note 4
  • Once you have everything collected, there is another Haruka photo opportunity. Simply head to the corner of the room, to the left of the Haruka’s Note 4. (Haruka Momose Looking at the Dolls)


  • When you are ready examine the area where Haruka was playing with the dolls, you will notice there is a way to get underground. A scene will trigger
  • After the scene take a photo of the red table in order to get a picture of something else, it will show a person and a tree.
  • If you haven’t already equip the new Crush Lens and leave the room. There will be another ghost sighting as soon as you open the door (Fleeing Child)
  • Head downstairs and into the water. Down here you can find a Restore Lens
  • Continue to follow the corridor into the Lower Storeroom, with a rather large collection of dolls. If you head to the left of the room there will be a ghost sighting that you can take a photo of (Figure from the Water)
  • Head to the right side of the room now in order to find a Mirrorstone. Now exit the area and head back upstairs, enter through the open doorway on the right.
  • Open the door opposite us and we should find ourselves in the Returning Hallway. Here we can find Type-14 Film and the The Doll Memorial
  • Head through the other door and turn left, ignore the random ghost sighting, it isn’t one we can do anything about right now. Enter the door at the end.
  • In here we can get the Purifying Embers. Now leave the room and head in the direction that the ghost spirit went in. Stop at the door though and turn left for a ghost sighting.
  • After taking the photo run down into the water and head through the door on the right. Here the little doll will come to life, collect the Herbal Medicine if you need it and leave. There will be many of these dolls as we continue our journey, finding and beating them will reward you with the One to Nothing trophy achievement
  • Now enter through the other door, the door where the ghost was spotted. Follow the corridor to the dead end and head through the door.
  • As soon as you open the door, there will be another ghost sighting. Fleeing Child
  • Head further into the room and there will be another corridor, this corridor will also have a hole in the floor and a doll on the opposite end. Ignore it for now. Instead check out the drawers to the right for a Type-61 Film and you can find the Type-90 Film near the hole in the floor
  • Now return to the last room and head through the door that the fleeing child ran into. This is the room that the picture from the red table represents. Take a picture of the white hanging body. Then pick up the effigy to the right of the room.
  • A bunch of ghost children will appear, deal with them.


  • Our goal now is to return to the Front Shrine, the room with the actual red table.
  • After the ghost fight, head up the stairs to the left or north west and head left into the open corridor. There will then be a door to the right, enter it. In the drawer here will be the Shrine of Dolls 1
  • Then in the same room, head to the left side and open the drawer here to receive Shrine of Dolls 3
  • Head back into the hallway and head left, continue through into the room to the left and then through the door opposite.
  • Follow the hallway and head downstairs into the water. There will be a ghost down here for you to take care of.
  • It is not over yet, the ghost that you took a photo of earlier (Figure from the Water) is also lurking about. Fighting her will unlock a glance scene if you are interested.
  • Whilst we are down here there will also be other items we can pick up too, if you haven’t already, such as Sacred Water, Type-00 Film
  • Anyway when you are ready return to the Front Shrine and examine the red table for a scene.
  • After the fight, examine the table once again so that we can place the effigy. Placing the effigy unlocks the passage underground


  • Examine the curtain once again, where we saw the door leading underground earlier, and this time we can now head to a new location. Womb Cavern
  • Follow the cavern until you see some light along the wall to the right. At this point get your camera and point it towards the left for a ghost sighting. (Man Carrying a Reliquary)
  • After taking the photo, follow the passage right. Then when you reach the torches look up to see Haruka Momose, take a photo.
  • Turn back around and head down the middle passage for a Purifying Embers and a Sacred Water to the right of it.
  • Return back to where you took a photo of Haruka and this time take the route leading right, head up the hill. At the end of the path you can spot Type-90 Film
  • Continue on and crawl under the platform and turn right for another photo opportunity of Haruka. (Haruka Momose before the Reliquary)
  • Head towards the wall in the north to find a box with what looks like an arm hanging out, examine it for a scene.


  • We now need to leave this place, so retrace your steps and follow the path left. The path will lead back to the shrine. However, a ghost may come and say hello as you do so.
  • At the shrine head through the door and then through the double doors, we will now be in the hallway with the various dolls. Turn right and exit through the door.
  • We will now be back in the forest. Continue on and Haruka will mention a song before then running off.


  • When Haruka runs off she will end up dropping a note. Bloodstained Note 1
  • Head across the Pure Water Bridge and head left towards NE – Pure Water River. Continue to follow the path to NE – By Clinging Mire. You can find Haruka here along with a ghost battle. This ghost has a glance scene so be sure to touch her spirit. This glance scene can easily be missed because when the battle is over, it will act as a new checkpoint. Meaning we cannot reload to an earlier part of the mission.


  • Here you can try to take a photo of Rui who is in the 1F Store for a little extra dialogue if you want. In order to progress with the game though, head to the 1F Main Storeroom and take a photo of Ren sleeping in order to wake him up.
  • After the scene we will now need to go and find Haruka, you can do so by simply heading down the stairs to the 1F hallway to trigger a scene.

NEXT CHAPTER: Fifth Drop – The Veiled House


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  1. Just before you enter the Unfathomable Forest, on the Pool of Purification – Unfathomable Path section, there is some Type 14 film. Not a huge thing but some extra points and good on Nightmare mode in particular when you don’t have much to work with.

  2. Right before fighting the man with the torch, immediately after you picked up the bag, a man will charge you, you can photograph this verison of him and it’s a ghost sighting called ‘looming man’

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