Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Interlude)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Interlude – Shadow Reading chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • Begin the chapter by picking up the Obscura Camera from the table in front of you. We will now receive the Shadow on Water token picture
  • Leave the room and head to Hisoka’s room, which is the room with the double doors. As soon as you open the doors, there will be a ghost sighting to take a picture of. Hisoka Kurosawa Ghost Sighting
  • Head to the table next to the bed and inspect it in order for the camera to start acting up. Take a picture of the table and it will reveal something under the bed.
  • Leave the room as there will be another ghost sighting nearby. You can find this ghost by the stairs leading back down to the ground floor, here turn left to see it. Girl in Uniform Ghost Sighting


  • After witnessing the Girl in Uniform. You will now want to head into the room that she was standing outside of.
  • In here you can find the Akari Narumi file
  • Leave the room now and head downstairs, to the ground floor.
  • On the ground floor head into the door on the right, there will be another ghost sighting here. Hisoka Kurosawa at the Counter Ghost Sighting
  • Head back through the door now and continue along the hallway towards the large windows. There will be door in the corner that we have yet to go through. In here look under the bed, this is what the picture was referring to. Small Key found and Miku Hinasaki file (Yes the main protagonist from the original Fatal Frame)
  • Anyway now that we have the key, let us return to Hisoka’s room and use it on the locked drawer. This will lead to us getting the Haruka Momose file
  • It will now be time to return to Mt. Hikami. In order to do that we must return back downstairs and into the room where we saw Hisoka Kurosawa at the Counter sighting. Basically the 1F Store room.
  • When you reach the room there will be one final ghost sighting you can take a photo of for this specific chapter. Hisoka Kurosawa Going Outside Ghost Sighting

NEXT CHAPTER: Fourth Drop – Spirited Away


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