Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All 5 Fatal Glance Ghost Locations (Spirited Away) Guide

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Fatal Glance is a type of photo that you perform and take of specific ghosts. In doing so you unlock a hidden scene, once you manage to successfully catch the ghost in its weakened form.

In order to unlock the ghost’s weakened form you need to take a photo of the ghost performing a specific behaviour, this is basically a small hint on how they became a ghost. For example taking a photo of the ghost in the water is the hint that they drowned, taking a photo of the ghost that looks like it is being pushed is yet another one of these hints.

So I’ll list the hint on how they fell and became a ghost, you need to take the photo of the ghost that resembles the hint. So if the hint is drowned, then you take a photo of the ghost in the water. Then before it is almost defeated run up to them and touch them (R2 button – Playstation)

Now not all ghosts have a Fatal Glance opportunity, so below we have listed the ones which do in the Fourth Drop – Spirited Away chapter, which has a total of 5 Fatal Glance opportunities.


  • GHOST: Inori Mikomori – Dead
  • LOCATION: Pool of Purification
  • HINT: Take a photo of her face
  • DESCRIPTION: A shrine maiden with her eyes gouged. She died by being slashed diagonally across her chest.


  • GHOST: Yukiho Tomine
  • LOCATION: Pool of Purification
  • HINT: Being Pushed (Take a photo of her being pushed or dropping mid-air)
  • DESCRIPTION: A woman chased off a cliff by a ghost. She is cursed to relive the moment over and over, for eternity.
  • NOTE: You can find her by going to the Pool of Purification and standing by the cliff and admiring the view. She will then appear behind you. (This is if you missed her back in the Mt. Hikami mission) Thanks to Archerxtreme 


  • GHOST: Kyozo Kururugi
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest. SE – Bewildering Wood
  • HINT: Take a photo of him running towards you, on fire.
  • DESCRIPTION: After killing the shrine maidens and gouging out their eyes, he set himself aflame and died. His scene seems to trigger when you take a photo of him running on fire.


  • GHOST: Guardian
  • LOCATION: Lower Storeroom. Memento Cloister
  • HINT: Have her clone appear. It is easier to touch the spirit of her clone.
  • Ghosts of shrine maidens who were drowned. They pull their victims into the depths.


GHOST: Kirika Reizen
LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest. NE – Clinging Mire
HINT: Aim your camera focus on her sword.
DESCRIPTION: A woman who slashed her own throat, she is cursed by the Black Water to relive the moment forever.


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