Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All Fatal Glance (Ghost) List Guide

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Fatal Glance is when you take a photo of the ghost in a unique way, such as them doing a specific behaviour. This ghost before it is then defeated can then be touched, which then unlocks a hidden scene of how they became a ghost.

The ghost will then be added to the Ghost List and under the category, Ghosts. Where you can then watch the hidden scene once again as well as look at the various stats for each captured ghost, such as the location the picture was taken and the points you can get by taking a photo of it.

Not all ghost have these hidden scenes, only a select few. So below we decided to make a simple guide on which ghosts unlock these scenes.

(NOTE: You get a tutorial on Fatal Glance during Chapter Mt Hikami, however there are ghosts before then that have hidden scenes)



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