Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All Fatal Glance Ghost Locations (Final Drop – Bride From Black Water) Guide

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Fatal Glance is a type of photo that you perform and take of specific ghosts. In doing so you unlock a hidden scene, once you manage to successfully catch the ghost in its weakened form.

In order to unlock the ghost’s weakened form you need to take a photo of the ghost performing a specific behaviour, this is basically a small hint on how they became a ghost. For example taking a photo of the ghost in the water is the hint that they drowned, taking a photo of the ghost that looks like it is being pushed is yet another one of these hints.

So I’ll list the hint on how they fell and became a ghost, you need to take the photo of the ghost that resembles the hint. So if the hint is drowned, then you take a photo of the ghost in the water. Then before it is almost defeated run up to them and touch them (R2 button – Playstation)

Now not all ghosts have a Fatal Glance opportunity, so below we have listed the ones which do in the Final Drop – Bride from Black Water chapter, which has quite a few Fatal Glance opportunities.


  • GHOST: Emi Mikomori – Alive, Honoka Mikomori – Alive / Dead
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest
  • After you have spotted this pair of ghosts, wait until the scene is over and then you can run up to them and unlock the glance scene


  • GHOST: Shizuku Mikomori
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest. NW-Diverted Path
  • One of the descendants of the shrine maidens. She turns up on rainy days to calm the restless ghosts.
  • (Note: You will need to take a photo of her and then touch the grave next to her to trigger this one)


  • GHOST: Wedding Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant
  • LOCATION: Shrine on the Water. Sanctum on the Water
  • These ghosts both share the same glance scene so it does not matter how you unlock this one.


  • GHOST: Shiragiku
  • LOCATION: Chamber of Vows
  • As you enter the Chamber of Vows, you will have the option of a photo or a piece of white hair. Choose the white hair. This is also part of the many different game endings.


  • GHOST: Ose Kurosawa
  • LOCATION: Shadowspring
  • In order to get this one you will need to unlock the Bride of Black Water Ending


  • GHOST: Tainted Ose Kurosawa
  • LOCATION: Shadowspring
  • In order to get this one you need to unlock the Embrace Ending


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