Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Mt. Hikami)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Second Drop – Mt. Hikami chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • After the scene we will find ourselves at the Kurosawa’s Antiques Store
  • Make your way through the door to the left of the counter, then through the next door on the immediate left. There will be a file in here. The Deathly Mountain
  • You can also find yet another file in here too, just next to the last one. Suicide at Mt. Hikami
  • Now head through the other door, the one we have yet to use, this will lead to a set of stairs.
  • Feel free to explore the rooms up here. However, the main room that you want to be in is the room with the double doors (Hisoka’s room). Here you will find a file on the table. Lost Item Case Files
  • On the table to the left of the bed there will be a Letter From Fuyuhi


  • We will now be making our way up to Mt. Hikami
  • Head across the bridge in order to see Fuyuhi heading up the nearby steps opposite us. Follow her.
  • We will now be at the Pool of Purification
  • Take the path left in order to find the map of Mt. Hikami (Mt. Hikami Brochure)
  • Continue up the path and you will find a Purifying Embers, continue on to then find Herbal Medicine x2
  • Keep following the path and you will come to a fork, head right.
  • Again nothing much to really do other than to keep going. Eventually you will come to yet another Purifying Ember
  • Head down the path to find some lanterns, in the middle of them and under the water here you will find Hisoka’s Cemera Obscura. You will now be attacked by several ghosts.
  • As these ghosts are just normal enemies, it is best to continue to use the normal Type-07 film as these come in an infinite amount, unlike the Type-14 film
  • Also, just before you vanquish either ghost, be sure to get close to them because as they die, again, you can touch them to get a special hidden scene. Though this doesn’t seem to really give you any specific trophy or achievement, you can get extra points for doing this which can help you reach that Rank S. This is known as Fatal Glance and it can give you an extra 500 points per ghost.
  • Before you continue on, be aware that there is an optional ghost sighting off to the right. It stands on top of the cliff. Woman on a Cliff Ghost Sighting
  • From the ghost sighting turn around and head up the hill now. You will now reach a fork and the game will tell you that you are close to the Unfathomable Forest. Head right.
  • However, before you reach the gate, there is a path to the left, follow this path to find Film-14
  • Return back up the path now towards the gate, there will be another optional ghost sighting here so keep the camera handy. Fuyuhi Himino Entering The Forest Ghost Sighting
  • Before entering through the hole in the gate, there will be a note on the floor to the left. Fuyuhi’s Note 1
  • Enter through the hole in the gate, it is time to explore the Unfathomable Forest.
  • Here follow the path and keep to the left, when the area opens up a bit more there will be another optional ghost sighting. Fuyuhi Himino Heading Inside Ghost Sighting
  • If you head towards the broken bridge, there will be a ghost waiting to attack. This one wont have a hidden scene but it can still give you extra points if you take him out with a Fatal Glance
  • From the bridge head right and crawl under the fallen tree branch. There will be a bunch of trees here and an optional ghost sighting. Fuyuhi Himino Looking Up A Tree Ghost Sighting
  • Pick up the note that Fuyuhi has left by the tree. Fuyuhi’s Note 2
  • After you are done reading the note immediately take out your camera and look up to spot yet another optional ghost sighting. Hanged Woman Ghost Sighting
  • You will now be attacked by some ghost, deal with them.
  • There will be some more collectibles in this area, such as some Film-61 by the tree to the left and Film-14 just a little east of the Film-61
  • NOTE: You can also get the Crumpled Note if you head to the SE – Riverview Basin (Thanks to Willow for pointing this one out)
  • From where you managed to find the Film-14, head around the corner here to find an abandoned tent. There is a note here. Note From A Tent
  • From there head north, use the trace or spirit guide if you need to (R2 button – Playstation)
  • Here you should notice several paths that you can take and a torch pedestal. Head down the path in the middle to find Sacred Water
  • There is another optional ghost sighting if you head back towards the torch pedestal, and this time to the path to the immediate left. There is a bridge here, to the right of this bridge, in the water, is the optional ghost sighting. Swept-Away Maiden Ghost Sighting
  • Continue along the bridge and be ready for another ghost sighting. Fuyuhi Himino in front of the shrine
  • Head towards this shrine and turn and head right. When you come to the set of stairs, there will be another Fuyuhi Himino appearance so again get the camera ready. Fuyuhi Himino Examining a Door Ghost Sighting
  • Head to the door now and pick up the note that Fuyuhi dropped (You may need to try opening the door first). Fuyuhi’s Notes 3
  • After reading the note a little girl will appear, she is too quick right now to take a photo of. However, if you head to the side of the shrine (where Fuyuhi once stood), you can get a photo of her there. Girl Watching From Behind Ghost Sighting
  • Just behind you there will be a broken bridge, to the right of it will be a Herbal Medicine. Just a little north from there and keeping to the water’s edge, there will be a Sacred Water
  • Beware there will be numerous ghost now after you, deal with them. Near where they spawned from there will be a Purifying Embers
  • Head north west from your current location (Backroad to Pit). You will have to proceed through the trees on the left and you will arrive at a secluded section known as Concealed Copse. Here you can find the Deteriorating Note
  • Return to the Backroad to Pit and head right, then when you get the chance, turn left and follow the path through the water. You will then be able to see Fuyuhi and a scene will occur.


  • With Fuyuhi now with us, we will have now have a new mission objective
  • Anyway head right and follow the water around to find a Sunken Note
  • Head back to where you found Fuyuhi and this time instead of taking the path right to the river, take the other path north.
  • There should be a sparkling object not too far from you, head towards it to trigger another ghost fight (Woman Who Fell). This one actually has a hidden scene, so be sure to touch her spirit. In order to do this make sure to take a photo of her as she is being pushed. Each ghost that has a scene will have a small but noticeable hint, make sure to catch this hint and take a photo of it. For this ghost it is, as said before, her being pushed.
  • Once she has been taken care of, there will be a note next to you. This was the sparkling object that we noticed earlier. Apparent Suicide Note
  • If you keep following the path from the suicide note, you should be able to find a Purifying Embers
  • If you take the left path from the Purifying Embers, you should be able to spot a Sacred Water
  • Continue to follow the path down now and crawl under the fallen tree stumps, we should now be back at the broken bridge and, more importantly, the shrine.


  • Fuyuhi will now run off and we will now be under attack by the temple ghost children, if you are wanting to collect the hidden scenes still then here is another one you will want capture.
  • Anyway after dealing with them, you can then find Fuyuhi at the temple, she is by the door we could not open earlier


  • After knocking Fuyuhi out of her senses, and now that she has re-joined you once again. Head left from the temple and across the bridge.
  • Next to the bridge there will be a necklace, click on it for a scene involving Hisoka. Hisoka’s Charm Acquired
  • Fuyuhi will of ran off once again, she hasn’t gone far though. In fact you can hear her singing in the distance
  • To find her continue along the path, then follow it left and continue to follow it left until you reach the water. You will find her here.
  • After the scene we will now need to fight her, this is a good opportunity to use the Type-14 Film.
  • It isn’t over yet as the Maiden of Black Water comes to greet us herself, she also has a secret hidden scene, if you are interested.


  • We still need to escape the mountain, so continue along the path and then head right. This will lead to a path going down, follow it for a scene

NEXT CHAPTER: Third Drop – Postmortem Photography


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  1. I was just exploring and found a crumpled note in the Riverview Basin just north of the hanging tree. Not sure if that’s found for you in a later chapter but if not please add for others to find 🙂

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