Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Postmortem Photography)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Third Drop – Postmortem Photography chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • We will now be playing as Ren Hojo, the man who has been dreaming of strange things
  • Anyway pick up the file from the sofa. Yuri’s Report
  • Also in this room you can find yet another file, The Maiden Slayer
  • When you are ready, get the camera from the table and we will have a new mission objective.


  • Exit the room and a scene will trigger
  • We will now be trying to make our way to the Ichiru Manor (the Abandoned Inn), here we will get a tutorial on how to use Ren’s camera. We can now take more shots consecutively by simply pressing the Square button (Playstation)
  • Head left and follow the path to reach the Inn, we will recognize this place as we came here during the First Drop – A Vanishing Trace chapter
  • When we enter the Inn our camera will start acting strangely. This is basically the game telling us not to forget about using the trace ability if we get lost.
  • Ignore the passage to the left and continue on. However, when you reach the dead end, quickly turn to the left as there is a ghost sighting here. Drowned Woman Ghost Sighting
  • From the sighting turn and head right, then right again. The hatch on the duct will then close itself, the wind I guess. There will be another ghost sighting in the room here too. Try to capture a group photo for maximum points. Woman in Shadows Ghost Sighting
  • Yet another ghost sighting can be spotted just above the stairs, don’t climb up the stairs, instead simply point your camera in that direction. Hands Waving in the Dark Ghost Sighting
  • Anyway enter the room where the Woman in Shadows was sighted in order to find Herbal Medicine and Type-14 Film
  • Okay that is it for down here, so lets head on upstairs. Up here follow the hallway all the way to the end in order to find Herbal Medicine
  • As soon as you pick up the Herbal Medicine a ghost will come and attack you, eliminate it.
  • Follow the path in order to reach a hole in the wall, climb through it. This is the area where we found the item we were looking for back in First Drop – A Vanishing Trace
  • As soon as you open the door here there will be another ghost sighting. Man Shrouded in Darkness Ghost Sighting
  • Activate the viewfinder in order to find the Messy Note 1 on top of the set of drawers.


  • As soon as we pick up the Messy Note 1 a ghost will appear behind us. This is a ghost sighting so be quick to take a photo of him before he disappears. Man in the Darkness Ghost Sighting
  • Head back out the door and crawl through the wall once again. Turn left and then right, up the stairs.
  • As you reach the end of this narrow corridor, there will be a couple of ghosts to take care of.
  • After taking care of those, there will be a ghost sighting on top of the stairs leading up. Get your camera ready and take a photo of it. Man Beckoning Upward Ghost Sighting
  • Head up the stairs now and continue on, into the room on the right. Here you can find a Sacred Water
  • If you follow this room around to the right, you can find some Type-14 Film on the floor
  • Turn around now and follow this corridor north, further into the area we have yet to fully explore. Keep going and next to the northern-most window you can find Herbal Medicine
  • Now start examining the large gaps in the floor. Surprise! Man Hanged By The Neck Ghost Sighting
  • Head to the west side of the room now and try to open the door here, locked. Okay get out your camera and take a photo of the door. It will show the hatch that closed on us earlier.


  • Before you go to that hatch though, there will be another ghost sighting. This time the ghost will appear above the other hole in the floor. Man Hanged in a Hole Ghost Sighting. It will also drop a note Messy Note 2
  • When you reach the floor with the hatch, there will be a ghost that you will need to deal with.
  • When you are ready take a photo of the hatch (may need to use viewfinder) and take the Key on Yellow Keychain


  • Return to the second floor. However, once you reach the second floor head to the window to the east for a surprise.
  • This ghost has a glance scene so be sure to touch his soul, the scene seems to trigger easier when you take a photo of it mid-air. Anyway once you have taken this ghost down, it will leave a file. Messy Note 3
  • After reading the file look up and go forward a little bit for a ghost sighting. Falling Woman Ghost Sighting
  • Now use the keys on the door in order to unlock it. Be ready though as another ghost sighting will greet you when you do so. Woman who was Hanged Ghost Sighting


  • Head up the stairs and take the path to the right to find Mirrorstone
  • Then take the other path and use the door to reach the balcony. There is also another ghost sighting standing on the balcony so be ready. Man Transfixed By Sunset Ghost Sighting
  • Run towards this ghost and it will drop another file. Suicide Note
  • Now there is an item we can get BUT in doing so we risk missing out on another ghost sighting. So if you want this sighting then head into the building behind you, here you will find the ghost. Man Staring At Something Ghost Sighting
  • Okay, if you need more Type-14 Film then leave the room and head around to the right and you will find some. When you are ready re-enter the Observation Room.
  • Near where the Man Staring At Something was stood, there will be a sparkling object that requires the viewfinder. A scene will trigger.
  • Rui will try to do self harm and when this happens, don’t run over to him ha! Instead head towards the windows and you can catch sight of a ghost possessing him. Take a picture of this ghost. Woman in the Netherworld Ghost Sighting This will also trigger a fight with the ghost.
  • Defeat the ghost (who has a glance scene that you can unlock) and another scene will trigger and we will get the return of the Maiden. Fight and defeat her, at least for now anyway. In doing so we will get the Messy Note 4

NEXT CHAPTER: Interlude – Shadow Reading


11 thoughts on “Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Postmortem Photography)

  1. While replaying my girlfriend and I were able to glance the hanged woman at the end of this level as well, the glance frame was triggered by focussing on her rope, and the fatal shot almost exclusively had her rope in it.

      1. After taking a photo of the “Man beckoning upward” you have to run up the stairs and inside the room on the right you can found the “Man beckoning inside”. It appears for few seconds, so you have to be fast.

    1. Before to enter the building and take a picture of the “Man Staring at Something” from the outside if you check one of the windows (the one near the corner) you can see another “Man Hanged by the Neck”.

  2. Cool~! If it helps I can supply pictures of the ghost list with the cutscene as evidence, + the photo where we presume she got the fatal glance from. (we haven’t gone into fourth drop yet, we are starting that together today) I can’t guarantee the photo is the proper picture because we haven’t tried reproducing it yet, but it’s our best bet.

    I appreciate the responses!

    1. Just replayed through the chapter and yes, you are correct. I did miss that one.
      I’ll now be creating a page on it to help others too. I’ll add your name to the page as thanks. Much appreciated for pointing it out.
      It seems to be the only one in the entire mission, which is surprising. Anyway thanks again!

    1. Please stop spamming my comments section, I’ll get to replying when I can.

      Anyway there is no glance shots in this mission. The next mission that has them is Spirited Away, which I am currently working on.

      1. I only sent one message on this. I don’t think I’ve been spamming. The reason why I was asking is because my girlfriend managed to get the window fight fatal glanced by capturing him mid-air, and that made me think the guide was not there yet.

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