Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All 9 Ghost Sightings (Second Drop – Mt. Hikami) Guide

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This specific guide features the locations to all 9 ghost sightings that you can find within the Second Drop – Mt. Hikami chapter

These ghosts are mighty quick to appear and even more quicker to leave, so it is easy to miss out on them if you are not ready. Thankfully you can redo the chapter by heading to the main menu.

NOTE: These include both Specters and Traces

Once you spot the ghost, quickly take a photo of it. You can gain even more points if you manage to take a photo of the entire ghost in the photo. The key is to aim for the head.


  • GHOST: Woman on a Cliff
  • LOCATION: Pool of Purification
  • TYPE: Specters
  • MAX POINTS: 1209 Points
  • INFO:
  • After finding Hisoka’s Cemera Obscura, there will be a section to the right. The ghost can be spotted standing on the rock here


  • GHOST: Fuyuhi Himino Entering The Forest
  • LOCATION: Pool of Purification – Unfathomable Path
  • TYPE: Traces
  • MAX POINTS: 1366 Points
  • INFO:
  • Before heading through the hole in the fence, the game will automatically show Fuyuhi crawling through it. Take a photo of her


  • GHOST: Fuyuhi Himino Heading Inside
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest – Shrine of Dolls Path
  • TYPE: Traces
  • MAX POINTS: 1305 Points
  • INFO:
  • Once you enter the Unfathomable Forest, continue to follow the path
  • However, when the area opens up a bit more take out your camera and take a photo


  • GHOST: Fuyuhi Himino Looking Up A Tree
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest – SE Hanging Tree
  • TYPE: Traces
  • MAX POINTS: 1568 Points
  • INFO:
  • From the Unfathomable Forest – Ruined Bridge head left and crawl under the fallen tree branch
  • We will now be at the SE Hanging Tree, you can find Fuyuhi towards the North West. This place can feel like a bit of a maze, but you cannot miss this photo opportunity. As when you get close the game will trigger her position, if you fail to take the photo then, well that is how you can miss the opportunity.


  • GHOST: Hanged Woman
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest – SE Hanging Tree
  • TYPE: Specters
  • MAX POINTS: 1439 Points
  • INFO:
  • After picking up Fuyuhi’s Note 2 there will be a ghost sighting immediately above you.


  • GHOST: Swept-Away Maiden
  • LOCATION: Unfathomable Forest – NE Memento Shore
  • TYPE: Specters
  • MAX POINTS: 1271 Points
  • INFO:
  • Head to the bridge by the water, the ghost will be floating in this water to the right.


  • GHOST: Fuyuhi Himino In Front Of Shrine
  • LOCATION: Shrine Grounds
  • TYPE: Traces
  • MAX POINTS: 1128 Points
  • INFO:
  • From the last ghost sighting, continue across the bridge.
  • The game will then trigger Fuyuhi’s appearance, take a photo of her by the shrine


  • GHOST: Fuyuhi Himino Examing A Door
  • LOCATION: Shrine Grounds – Back Door
  • TYPE: Traces
  • MAX POINTS: 1140 Points
  • INFO:
  • Head to the side door of the shrine (back door) in order to spot Fuyuhi. Take a photo of her


  • GHOST: Girl Watching From Behind
  • LOCATION: Shrine Grounds
  • TYPE: Specters
  • MAX POINTS: 1167 Points
  • INFO:
  • After finding Fuyuhi’s Note 3, a girl spirit will try to scare jump you.
  • Head to the front of the shrine and take a photo of this girl spirit, along with her friends


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