Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All 6 Ghost Sightings (Fifth Drop – The Veiled House) Guide

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This specific guide features the locations to all 6 ghost sightings that you can find within the Fifth Drop – The Veiled House chapter

These ghosts are mighty quick to appear and even more quicker to leave, so it is easy to miss out on them if you are not ready. Thankfully you can redo the chapter by heading to the main menu.

NOTE: These include both Specters and Traces

Once you spot the ghost, quickly take a photo of it. You can gain even more points if you manage to take a photo of the entire ghost in the photo. The key is to aim for the head.


  • GHOST: Murmuring Keiji Watarai
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 1F. 1st Floor Hallway
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • At the first floor hallway, head into the Tv room. In here there will be a set of drawers, open them.
  • The ghost will then appear walking behind Rui


  • GHOST: Keiji Watarai Heading Inside
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 1F. Hallway with Pit.
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • After the phone scene (story related) you will then be able to take a photo of Keiji Watarai.


  • GHOST: Wandering Keiji Watarai
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 2F. 2nd Floor Hallway
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • This ghost can be triggered when you get the film from the set of drawers to the left of the stairs leading up to 2F.


  • GHOST: Transfixed Keiji Watarai
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 2F. Hallway to Staircase
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • You can spot this one as soon as you head up the stairs


  • GHOST: Keiji Watarai Lost in Thought
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 2F. Study
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • From the 2F Archive room, simply head to the Study room and this one will instantly trigger


  • GHOST: Tall Woman
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 1F. Porch
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • You can find this one after taking down Kyozo Kururugi, who appears as you try to escape Watarai Residence. Simply head to the porch and point the camera towards the trees.


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