Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All 8 Ghost Sightings (Eighth Drop – The Witching Hour) Guide

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This specific guide features the locations to all 8 ghost sightings that you can find within the Eighth Drop – The Witching Hour chapter

These ghosts are mighty quick to appear and even more quicker to leave, so it is easy to miss out on them if you are not ready. Thankfully you can redo the chapter by heading to the main menu.

NOTE: These include both Specters and Traces

Once you spot the ghost, quickly take a photo of it. You can gain even more points if you manage to take a photo of the entire ghost in the photo. The key is to aim for the head.


  • GHOST: Man in a Hallway
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Central Hallway
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • After dealing with the ghost and checking up on Yuri, immediately turn to the window to find this one. There is another ghost that seems to fall at the same time, but it is almost impossible to get them both right now.


  • GHOST: Dropping Woman
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Inner Hallway
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • Before you check up on Yuri make sure to switch to the Type-90 film or anything other than the ordinary Type-07 Film. Then check up on Yuri and quickly take out your camera and perform a Snapshot (Square – Playstation) Thanks to Akeashar
  • (This is not included in the above video)


  • GHOST: Shadowy Man
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Yuri’s Room
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • Immediately after picking up Yuri’s Notebook 1 from the table by the door, this ghost will then appear on the floor by the chair


  • GHOST: Man in a Mirror
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Hisoka’s Room
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • After picking up the files in Hisoka’s room, this ghost will appear as you try to leave.


  • GHOST: Peering Woman
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Secondary Storeroom
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • This ghost can be spotted making its way into the Secondary Storeroom


  • GHOST: Rui Kagamiya Walking along the Hallway
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 1F. Foyer
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • As soon as you are tasked with checking up on Yuri, you will notice Rui go inside her room.
  • Follow Rui and then take a photo, hopefully a better one than I did.


  • GHOST: Dragged Man
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 1F. 1st Floor Hallway
  • TYPE: Specter
  • INFO:
  • When you arrive at the Watarai Residence you will need to follow Rui, doing so will lead you to this sighting.


  • GHOST: Shadow in the Dark
  • LOCATION: Watarai Residence – 2F. Hallway to Staircase
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • As soon as you enter the room you will be able to spot this one by the bookcase


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