Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – The Witching Hour)

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Eighth Drop – The Witching Hour chapter

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • After the scene be sure to check the surveillance camera on the desk and make sure that both Yuri and Miu are okay. Seems as though there is nothing to worry about, for now at least.
  • On the shelf, right of the desk, is the Local Customs file, there is another file on the desk Tales of Photography. Return to the surveillance camera
  • After a while we will learn that something is happening in Yuri’s room. Head through the door on the left. Store Hallway
  • Follow the hallway around and up the stairs, Yuri’s room is the first one on the left. Get your camera out on the ghost, you will notice that she looks very familiar. Check up on Yuri.
  • Just after you finish checking up on Yuri there will be a ghost sighting just by the window (Man in a Hallway). There is another ghost that falls at the same time, but it is almost impossible to get them both right now.
  • (UPDATE: Taking a photo of both ghosts is now possible. Simply check up on Yuri and make sure to switch to the Type-90 Film (or anything but the ordinary Type-07 Film). Then quickly hit the camera button followed by the Snapshot button (Square – Playstation) Thanks to Akeashar for pointing this out
  • Anyway you can find the Yuri’s Notebook 1 on the table by the door. As soon as you pick the file up there will be another ghost sighting on the floor by the chair (Shadowy Man). Leave the room.
  • Head to Hisoka’s Room and we can pick up the The Ghost Marriage and The Female Perspective file. Then just before you leave there will be a ghost sighting on the mirror to the left (Man in a Mirror)
  • Return to the surveillance room and check up on the cameras, we will then be instructed to check on Miu.


  • Head to the hallway and turn left, continue to follow the hallway. Enter through the door on the left. Main Storeroom
  • Here we can pick up the Drenched Note from the bed. Exit the room and make your way upstairs
  • There is another ghost sighting up on the Store Hallway 2F, just by the door leading to the Secondary Storeroom (Peering Woman)
  • Follow the Peering Woman into Miu’s room. Before you leave there is a Tales of the Sunset file inside the drawer. Check on Miu and then return back to the surveillance room
  • You will notice that the TV has been switched on, try to switch it off in order to trigger a ghost fight. Check the surveillance cameras
  • When you see ghosts on both camera 3 and camera 10, head to the 1F Store. The room next door to the Office. We will now have to fight some more ghosts.
  • Return to the surveillance cameras and this time there should be a ghost sighting on camera 6. Head to the Store Hallway to encounter this one.
  • Head back to the surveillance cameras and this time there will be trouble in Yuri’s room.


  • When you enter Yuri’s room things will, in a way, be unsurprisingly different. For one it certainly doesn’t look like her room and in fact we are somehow back at the Watarai Residence. Anyway quickly take a photo of Rui Kagamiya as she walks past (Rui Kagamiya Walking along the Hallway)
  • Run after Rui and you will come across another ghost sighting (Dragged Man)
  • Head to the Back Staircase and collect the Rui’s Journal 4. Continue up the stairs and through the next door.
  • Inside this room there will be another ghost sighting by the bookcase (Shadow in the Dark). Head into the Study.
  • Continue to follow Rui

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3 thoughts on “Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – The Witching Hour)

  1. I’ve managed to get the ‘Dropping Woman’ ghost that happens at the same time as the ‘Man in a Hallway’ one out of three tries (my second). How I managed it was as soon as you check Yuri, hit your camera button and take a multishot (I used an 8). Regular photo shot seems too slow for it. That could have just been incredible luck, since the first time I wasn’t prepared and the third time I fumbled.

    1. I tried many times to get the photo and was always too slow. A friend suggested me to use “Cheat Engine” to slow down this game by half. I finally got the shot.

      Thank you for this detailed walkthrough.

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