Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All 9 Ghost Sightings (Ninth Drop – The Sacred Casket) Guide

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This specific guide features the locations to all 9 ghost sightings that you can find within the Ninth Drop – The Sacred Casket chapter

These ghosts are mighty quick to appear and even more quicker to leave, so it is easy to miss out on them if you are not ready. Thankfully you can redo the chapter by heading to the main menu.

NOTE: These include both Specters and Traces

Once you spot the ghost, quickly take a photo of it. You can gain even more points if you manage to take a photo of the entire ghost in the photo. The key is to aim for the head.


  • GHOST: Yuri Kozukata Heading into the Valley
  • LOCATION: Mountain Path. Path to the Shrine
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO: You can spot this traces shot just before the shrine doors


  • GHOST: Girl Hiding in Shadows
  • LOCATION: Forbidden Valley. Blank Tombs – Front
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO: When you arrive at the stone rock maze in the Forbidden Valley, continue right in order to spot this one


  • GHOST: Miku Hinasaki Standing at a Grave
  • LOCATION: Forbidden Valley. Blank Tombs – Front
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • Keep to the east of the area in order to be able to take a photo of this one


  • GHOST: Sitting Girl
  • LOCATION: Forbidden Valley. Cherry Blossom Plateau
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • If you head to the Cherry Blossom Plateau from the Passage behind Stupa, make sure to aim your camera at the tree and you should be able to catch this one. (Thanks to Akeashar for pointing this one out)
  • (Note: This is not included in the above video)


  • GHOST: Boy Standing at a Grave
  • LOCATION: Forbidden Valley. Gravestone Passageway
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • Continue along the western side of the area in order to find this one amongst the trees


  • GHOST: Yuri Kozukata Heading to Twilit Peak
  • LOCATION: Forbidden Valley. Path to the Twilit Peak
  • TYPE: Traces
  • INFO:
  • As you make your way to the Twilit Peak, you will stumble across another traces opportunity


  • GHOST: Old Woman Wearing Black
  • LOCATION: Twilit Peak. Sacrificial Mound
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • Head to the Sacrificial Mound and just before the ghost fight here, you will be able to take a photo of the ghost.


  • GHOST: Yuri Kozukata
  • LOCATION: Twilit Peak. Entry of the Living – N
  • TYPE: Tracers
  • INFO:
  • Head to the water by the Entry of the Living – N and you will be able to see Yuri here in the water, take a photo


  • GHOST: Clinging Man
  • LOCATION: Mt. Hikami Cable Car
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • When you are trying to leave Mt. Hikami, board the cable car and activate it. The ghost will then appear at the window at the back of the car


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