Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : All Ghost Sightings (Thirteenth Drop – The Dark Sun) Guide

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This specific guide features the locations to all ghost sightings that you can find within the Thirteenth Drop – The Dark Sun chapter

These ghosts are mighty quick to appear and even more quicker to leave, so it is easy to miss out on them if you are not ready. Thankfully you can redo the chapter by heading to the main menu.

NOTE: These include both Specters and Traces

Once you spot the ghost, quickly take a photo of it. You can gain even more points if you manage to take a photo of the entire ghost in the photo. The key is to aim for the head.


  • GHOST: Wandering Woman
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Store Hallway
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • After the ghost ambush in the store at the start of the chapter, the game will then point to a ghost on the second floor. Take a photo of this ghost
  • (Note: If you happen to miss this ghost then just reload the last checkpoint)


  • GHOST: Peeking Woman
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 1F. Store Hallway
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • When you spot a ghost on Camera 10, exit the Office and head to the Store Hallway to find this one


  • GHOST: Woman in a Mirror
  • LOCATION: Kurosawa’s Antiques 2F. Hisoka’s Room
  • TYPE: Specters
  • INFO:
  • After collecting the files from Hisoka’s room, try to leave the room and you will encounter this one


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