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This specific guide is a walkthrough for Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse. Where this specific page is focused on the Prologue: Blossoming.

Here we will be aiming for 100%, meaning that we will be trying to capture all of the ghost sightings, files, and dolls. Doing so will net us with the following trophies and achievements: Voice of the Voiceless, Chasing Shadows, Hozuki Dolls in Memoriam, and Taming the Spirits

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CHAPTER: Prelude – Blossoming
CHARACTER: Madoka Tsukimori


After the opening scene where we are introduced to both characters Madoka Tsukimori and Misaki Aso, we will then be in control of Madoka. Thus we then begin our walkthrough of the Prologue: Blossoming chapter. Feel free to get used to the controls and mechanics. Our current location is Rogetsu Hall 1F. Our objective is to find Misaki Aso

Start by heading through the western hallway (Connecting Passage Corridor). Heading past the wall of creepy masks. Here there will be a scene involving Misaki. Head through the door at the end and we will come across a flashlight on the floor. Turns out it is Misaki’s flashlight.


If you try to follow Misaki through the door on the right, you will find out that the door is actually locked from the inside. It would seem that we should be able to find the key in the 2F Nurse Station


Return to the 1F Lift Lobby and we will see a nurse heading up the stairs. Proceed and follow them. Once at the top of the stairs (2F Lift Lobby) turn and follow the corridor to the right. Here we will see the nurse once again, heading through a door. Continue to follow them. It will lead to the 2F Entrance Hall. There are some rather strange noises being heard in the background. Ignore it for now and keep going, we will once again come across the nurse.

If you inspect the window in here we will discover the control room. Head inside. We will then get a tutorial on how to ‘Examine objects’. Now if you examine the desk here we will find the ‘Nurse’s Memo’, which will also reveal that the ‘Museum Key’ has been left on the desk. So proceed and inspect the desk opposite to receive the ‘Ivy-Patterned Key’. It has the word ‘Museum’ engraved on it.

Finding The ‘Ivy-Patterned Key’


Now that we have the key proceed and head back to the 1F Corridor, to where we last saw Misaki. Once inside be sure to take the ‘Prof. Aso’s Notes (1) from the table. We will now be able to collect the Camera Obscura. Our main and only weapon within the game. Just like with the previous Fatal Frame and Project Zero titles.


As soon as we attempt to take the Camera Obscura we will be instantly attacked by the ghost known as Yoriko Sonohara. She will then be placed into the ‘Wraiths’ category of the ‘Ghosts’ menu.


After the ghost encounter of Yoriko Sonohara, Madoka will, understandably, want to leave the room. However, before we do so make sure to take out the camera once again and search for a doll that is underneath the desk. This is a ‘Hozuki Doll’. It is part of an optional collectible set. It will also get added to the ‘Ghosts List’ menu.

Try to leave the room now and the chapter will come to an end.

Locating The Hozuki Doll

This then completes our walkthrough for the Prologue: Blossoming chapter of Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse. The next episode of our walkthrough takes us to The Summoning chapter


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