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This specific guide is a walkthrough for Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse. Where this specific page is focused on the Phase I: The Summoning. The previous section of our walkthrough took place during the Prologue – Blossoming

Here our Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse walkthrough will be aiming for 100%, meaning that we will be trying to capture all of the ghost sightings, files, and dolls. Doing so will net us with the following trophies and achievements: Voice of the Voiceless, Chasing Shadows, Hozuki Dolls in Memoriam, and Taming the Spirits

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CHAPTER WALKTHROUGH: Phase 1 – The Summoning
CHARACTER: Ruka Minazuki


So we begin our walkthrough of Fatal Frame and the Phase I: The Summoning chapter. After the chapter introduction scene we will then be given a tutorial regarding ‘Snap Mode’. Basically with this mode we can freely change the lens, frame, brightness and more. We can also move the camera around too in order to get the perfect photo shot. This camera feature is new to the remake version of the game. It was never included with the previous Nintendo Wii release.

Anyway continue on and head up the stairs. We will arrive at a gate. This is the exact same gate that we saw back in the prologue chapter with Madoka. Just before we got the museum key. More importantly though there is also a memo file here too, Madoka’s Memo 1.

Head back down the stairs and we will get a glimpse of Madoka.


Follow Madoka and enter the door to the left of the reception desk. This will take us to the 1F Corridor. Continue through the door to the left, the one Madoka entered. This is the museum room, where the prologue chapter ended.
In here we can find the newspaper clipping (Article: ”Islanders found dead”)


Remain in the museum room and inspect the floor for another file (Prof. Aso’s Notes 2). Now we can find and inspect the Camera Obscura, which is also on the floor. By inspecting the camera we will also get another file (Note from Madoka 2). Try to leave the room.

When we try to leave the room the door will suddenly be locked and the camera will start to pick up ghost activity. We will then get a tutorial regarding ‘Hint Photos’. Get out your camera and take a picture of the locked door and it will reveal a photo of a collection of strange and creepy masks (Five Masks)


Now if you inspect the floor area, near where you found the (Article: ”Islanders found dead”) newspaper clipping you should locate a ‘Blue Spirit Stone’. These are used to upgrade your camera. Now inspect the board that is hanging on the wall in order to find another file (Article: ”Prof. Aso arrives”)

Try to leave the room, through the other door. We will then be ambushed by a nurse spirit (Fuyuko Shiratsuki). After capturing her be sure to then scan the nearby table, near the door that leads to the 1F Entrance Hall. Here we can find a ‘Blue Spirit Stone’. Now make your way to the !F Connecting Passage Corridor.

Continue on and we will get another tutorial, this time it will relate to saving and using the lanterns to save our game. Now after exiting the tutorial there will be a rather quick and brief ghost sighting. These are easily missed.
Get your camera out and take a quick snap of the ghost child running off (Boy running away). These type of ghosts are known as specters and they only appear for a brief amount of time. Usually though, as with the previous Fatal Frame titles, they also show up in later chapters too.

Anyway be sure to save the game if you want and then follow the ghost child into the next room. This is the dining hall. If you read the description of the ghost child in the ‘Ghost List’ then you will find this out. Anyway inspect the table to the left, next to the stove in order to find a ‘Herbal Medicine’. Here there will be yet another ghost specter, again be quick. (Man in Kitchen)

There are more specters to be found. Simply turn around from the kitchen area and this ghost will be located near the wooden racks, near the tables (Nurse who misplaced key). Now after locating this spirit nurse there will be something on the table (Engraved Key).


The (Engraved Key) can be used back at the 1F Entrance Hall, so let us head there next. Before that though there are more collectibles to be found. Find and inspect the piano for a file (Note from Madoka 3). Underneath the piano is a ‘Blast Lens’. Hiding in the nearby fire place is a Hozuki Doll. Take a picture of it in order to collect it (Hozuki Doll 4). Examine the tables that are just north of the fireplace for a ‘Mirrorstone’.
Locate the projector and on the floor next to it is a ‘Blue Spirit Stone’. On top of a table with an unlit candle, by the window, is a Herbal Medicine.

Now moving back on with the story. On the wall by the tables with the unlit candles, is a wall of masks. One of which is missing. By inspecting this wall of masks we will get another brief specter encounter (Boy Wearing Mask). Now make your way through the double doors next to the wall of masks. The doors that the ghost child went through.

Head to the left to find a bookshelf of sorts, here there will be another Hozuki Doll (Hozuki Doll 5). There will be another specter ghost sighting as you make your way down the corridor. It will appear in the window (Man in courtyard).
On the shelf next to this window we can find another newspaper clipping (Article: ”Last Survivor Dies”)

Continue on down the corridor and through the door at the end. Here we will find another save point and a set of stairs, that lead to the second floor. However, before going up them there will be another specter sighting (Boy Standing Beyond Gate)

If you inspect the sofa chairs here you should be able to find some Type-14 Film. On the floor next to the reception desk is a file (Rogetsu Isle Pamphlet). Now if you inspect the area behind the reception desk then you should find the next Hozuki Doll (Hozuki Doll 6). Finally there is ‘Herbal Medicine’ on top of the reception desk.

Once you are ready head to the door at the back of the stairs, where the specter was located. This is what the (Engraved Key) is used for. Head inside. This is the storage room. In here we can find another Hozuki Doll (Hozuki Doll 7). It might be a bit tricky to get into frame with the camera. It is located inside the cardboard box.


After collecting the Hozuki Doll check the floor for a file (Article: ‘Investigation Stalls’). Now we need to open the gate that leads to the second floor. At the top of the main staircase. In order to be able to do that we need to solve the puzzle on the panel here. We can use the ‘Information Plaque’ to help us. It is in your ‘Files’ section. Solving this will then unlock the gate.

(NOTE: There is a ghost sighting, a specter, above the reception desk of the Entrance Hall. It can only be seen with the required Function ability that lets you see previously hidden ghosts. You will only be able to unlock it on an additional playthrough. New Game+)


With the gate now having been unlocked we can finally explore the second floor. Our objective is to find the missing mask. First let us answer the phone ‘Give it back’? There is not much to the actual phone call but it does get it to stop ringing. Now as we try to head up the staircase towards the second floor there will be more ghost specters. These ones are not locked behind New Game+ (Nurse with Patient).

Inspect the sofa chair that is outside of the 2F Control Room and we will find a ‘Red Spirit Stone’. From there enter the actual 2F Control Room. In this room search under the table for a Hozuki Doll (Hozuki Doll 14). We can also find a ‘Herbal Medicine’ on the shelving opposite. Exit the room

Head into the room opposite the 2F Control Room (2F Corridor) and then immediately turn around in order to spot a specter spirit (Woman Greeting Ruka). Continue down the corridor and there will be a file on the floor for us to pick up (Note from Madoka 4). Continue to follow the corridor and as you do so there will be another specter spirit (Boy disappearing into room)

Keep going and search the nearby cupboard for a ‘Sacred Water’. Head to the end of the corridor and search the floor for an ‘Alarm’. Which is an upgrade for our camera. Now turn around and look at the shelving on the wall, here there should be another Hozuki Doll (Hozuki Doll 15)

Now head through the door that the (Boy Disappearing Into Room) went into. It will lead to the ‘Boy’s Room’. If we scan the sofa chair with the basket on top of it, we will find our first patient interview tape (Patient Interview: Himiko Kiriya). Which can be listened to by going into the ‘Records’ menu and then ‘Voices’. Next to the tape is a Type-14 Film. Then search the floor for a ‘Blue Spirit Stone’.

On the table next to the bed is another file (Boy’s Diary 1). This diary will tell us to check under the bed, that it should be where the mask is being kept. Search under the bed and we will get a scene. The spirit of Kazuto Amaki will appear. After capturing the spirit of Kazuto we can then find the missing mask underneath the bed. (Rotten Mask)

Now before you leave the boy’s room there will be another Hozuki Doll hiding amongst the potted plant (Hozuki Doll 16). Now we can leave the room.


As you continue through the corridor there will be another wraith ghost sighting, so be ready. (Natsuki Shiono). Our next destination is over at the 1F Corridor. Now whilst in this corridor there will be a wall of masks that are opposite a window. If you inspect this window you will notice a Hozuki Doll (Hozuki Doll 3).

Keep going and when you arrive at the Connecting Passage Corridor there will be a ‘Red Spirit Stone’ on the ground. Make your way to the 2F Lift Loby. Here on the sofa chair there will be another ‘Red Spirit Stone’. With all of that now having been taken care of we can head inside the Dining Hall. Whilst in here we will want to insert the mask on to the wall with the rest of them. This will then unlock the door at the Aso Museum.


Make your way back to the Aso Museum but before you reach the 1F Entrance Hall there will be a specter spirit at the nearby window. Next to the door that leads to the 1F Entrance Hall (Man Pressing Against Window). Now enter the 1F Entrance Hall and we should get attacked by another wraith (Tadayuki Kaido). If this does not happen then re-enter the 1F Corridor once again.

Once you are ready proceed and enter the Aso Museum. From there, now that we found the mask, the previously locked door will now be unlocked. Head into the Archive room. There will be another Hozuki Doll sitting inside the cabinet opposite the door (Hozuki Doll 2).

Check the small set of ladders by the door for a Type-14 Film. Now we can go and inspect the girl that is crying in the room (Madoka). This will lead to a ghost fight.

This will then complete our Fatal Frame walkthrough for The Summoning chapter. The next section of our walkthrough will take us to Phase II: Resonance


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