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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within (FF10) Final Fantasy X, one of which is Weapon Master.

Weapon Master requires the player to obtain all of the different ultimate weapons (Celestial Weapons). Now this one can be rather tricky and a lot of them can take quite a long time to achieve. Ranging from dodging Lightning, getting 0:00 at a Chocobo race and much more..

Below is hopefully a few guides on how to achieve this…


Featuring: Tidus, Yuna and Wakka

0.00 – 8.54 = How To Get Cloudy Mirror 
(Needed For Celestial Mirror and of course to get the weapons) 

1) Head to Calm Lands in order to get the Cloudy Mirror
2) With the Cloudy Mirror head to Maccalania Woods and talk 3 times each?? with the wife and kid
3) After finding the father the kid goes missing
4) After getting the Celestial Mirror you can now concentrate on getting the weapons

8.54 – 16.50 = Tidus Celestial Weapon

1) We get the ‘Sun Crest’ (After Yunalesca battle)
2) We get ‘Sun Sigil’. Head to the Calm Lands and talk to the Chocobo Trainer and train a Chocobo until the option to race her is available
3) Race her until you reach a time of 0.00 (Can take a while lol)
4) We then get the Celestial Weapon ‘Caladbolg’
5) We fully charge the weapon using both the Crest and Sigil (Macalania Woods)

16.50 – 30.45 = Yuna Celestial Weapon

1) When you first meet Wakka in Besaid (Moon Crest)
2) Capture all 9 Calm Land Fiends (Celestial Wep Nirvana)
3) Capture all 12 Fiends of Mt Gagazet (Blossom Crown)
4) Get all the Aeons (except Magus Sisters for now – refer to my other vids parts 36 and 37)
5) After you have every Aeon except Magus Sisters head to the Calm Lands Remium Temple and challenge Belgamine and fight her Aeons until she uses Bahamut, defeat him (Flower Scepter)
6) Using both the Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter get Magus Sisters and keep fighting Belgemine until you beat all of her Aeons (Moon Sigil)

30.45 – = Wakka Celestial Weapon

1) Play around 9+ Blitzball matches then head to Luca (World Champion Celestial Weapon)
2) Attack Reels is necessary and appears in the Tournament as a prize 
3) Status Reels appears after you have gotten the ‘Attack Reels’
4) Auroch Reels appears after you have both ‘Attack’ and ‘Status’ Reels
5) For the Jupiter Sigil you need to have all 3 Reels (I had to reset team data in order for it to appear as a prize) 
6) Luca Auroch Locker room (Jupiter Crest)


Featuring: Lulu, Rikku, Kimhari and Auron

 0.00 – 8.51 = How To Get Cloudy Mirror 
(Needed For Celestial Mirror and of course to get the weapons) 

(Weapons are powered up at Macalania Woods)

8.51 – 23.09  = Auron Celestial Weapon

1) Capture 10 different Fiends from 10 different areas (Mars Sigil)
2) Miihen Highroad (Lower area lies the Mars Crest)
3) At the Calm Lands (near where Defender X is/was) you can find the ‘Rusty Sword’

23.09 – 30.37= Kimhari Celestial Weapon

1) Mt Gagazet (after Seymour) you can find the Saturn Crest
2) At Lake Macalania you can find the butterfly mini game (must be done twice and can take a while lol) Also sorry for the music xD (Saturn Sigil)
3) At Thunder Plains you must pray to 3 (Glowing) Cactuar stones in order for a Ghost Cactuar to appear

30.37 – 37.57 = Lulu Celestial Weapon

1) At the Guado home (re-visit the Farplain) (Venus Crest)
2) Thunder Plains – Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts (Venus Sigil)

37.57 – = Rikku Celestial Weapon

1) Bikanel Island (3rd screen – Mercury Crest)
2) Bikanel Island (4th Screen – Mercury Sigil) (Cactuar Side Quest refer to my other vid, Part 40)
3) Mushroom Rock – Godhand

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