(FF12) Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age : How To Get The Seitengrat (Best Bow Weapon) Location Guide

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The Seitengrat is arguably the best Bow weapon in the entire game it is also an invisible weapon too.

Part of the four secret equipment pieces that got added to the game, it has double the range of any other long-range weapon within the game.

However, in order to obtain it you will need to rely a LOT on luck and it won’t be easy as it took me hours and I mean HOURS to only find one.


Speed – Range: 20 hits (flying)
Attack: 224
Evade: 75
Critical: 25%

The weapon itself can be found on the Airship from Rabanastre to Nalbana, you can find out just how to get it via the video guide below..

(Once again I want to thank (Bruce McClelland / Varis Macalania Games) for pointing this out to me)

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