(FF12) Final Fantasy XII – The Zodiac Age : How To Get To Level 99 (Fast. Early. Easy. AFK) Guide

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Ever get tired of endlessly level grinding? Ever get sick of having to sit there and gawk at the television screen staring at the same enemies over and over? OR Perhaps you just don’t have enough spare time in the day to be sitting level grinding?

Well whatever the case don’t worry because from now on you don’t have to. Thanks to this guide and to (Bruce McClelland / Varis Macalania Games) for pointing this out to me, you no longer have to do any of that.

All that is recommended to you is that your at least level 30 and your at the Henne Mines / Junction B which the story will eventually take you to anyway. Make sure to save at this point too just in case, then head towards the area where you need to fight off a bunch of Flan enemies and pull a lever to open the gate. When you get to that section you can then begin to follow the video guide below..

The guide will show you where you need to be and what process I took in order to be able to level to the max level of 99, plus I could do all of this whilst sleeping over night or when I’m having dinner or some such. Basically the game done everything for me, it may be classed as a small cheat or glitch but it’s good if you want to just jump a few levels at least..

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