(FF15) Final Fantasy XV : Adventurer From Another World – How To Activate Final Fantasy XIV Crossover Quest Guide

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Here we will guide you into locating and finding out how to activate and start the Final Fantasy XV (FF15) and Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) crossover event quest, Adventurer from Another World


The crossover collaboration quest is entitled ‘Adventurer from Another World’ and will be available from Chapter 5 onwards and has a level 45 recommendation, so if your not at this stage then unfortunately it will probably be locked out until you do.

If however, you have reached this stage then you can begin the quest. Your first task in order to activate it is to travel to the ‘Cauthess Rest Area’ once you reach that you will hear a female scream and of course you will want to check this out, thus activating the quest!
From there the next few steps are quite straightforward as the quest marker will tell you what you need to do.


Eventually you will find yourself trying to infiltrate a building. Inside you will want to climb up the various different crates and rails and you can only do this via actually climbing too, as unfortunately the ‘Warp Jump’ seems to be out of commission at this point or at least it was for me.
However, the game does let you know that if you end up falling off you can then thankfully Warp back up again, so I guess in a way the game just wants you to at least experience the climbing at least once.

After meeting up with the mysterious female you will be tasked with scanning different areas with the Binoculars, there are a total of 3 different spots to check.
One of which is to the left, it is a statue that seems to be all grey and more or less damaged too. Another one is the small creatures the ‘Ixali’ which are directly opposite, thus quite unmissable really. The other is the door to the right in front of the Chubby Chocobo.
Whilst those are the main objectives to scan there is a few others too such as the huge ball looking moving things in the distance and the bird mascot which Noctis is quite familiar with and that is sat on a bench to the left.

The rest of the quest from there just involves a few fights and a rather epic soundtrack to boot! All hail Soken! Seriously I love the Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack. Anyway that should about cover it for this quest, if however you are finding yourself getting rather lost then be sure to check out the video guide above!


For completing this awesome quest you will be rewarded with several different items such as gear for the party that of course relate to the world of Final Fantasy XIV. There are other rewards too but those require trading stuff in.

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