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Final Fantasy VIII has many different and unique weapons that you can create, one of which is the Lionheart which is Squall’s best and strongest weapon.

Thanks to the ability of certain Summons and Cards you now have the ability to create the Lionheart from as early as disc 1. Warning though, this may be classed as a cheat or exploit considering Squall will most likely be a powerhouse after doing this. 

There will also be a lot of Triple Triad and fighting involved to obtain the Lionheart early so be warned! Also, remember to always save when doing this, you have been further warned!

1 Adamantine
4 Dragon Fang
12 Pulse Ammo​

Now to begin this ‘Lionheart quest’ you need to first unlock the ability to play Triple Triad, which you can do from an early point of the game. Just speak to the guy standing near the elevator on 2F and he will give you a starting deck of cards to play with.After acquiring the cards head for 1F and play Triple Triad against the boy who is forever running around in blue, he has the MiniMog card, which you need to help improve your deck of cards.

After getting the MiniMog card head for the Cafeteria, there will be two guys in the back sitting at the table fantasising over Quistis. Challenge them next. 
They should have the Quistis Card, you will need this to again strengthen your deck. Remember if you loose just reset the game, hence why I said to SAVE!!!

You next want to head for the Infirmary and challenge Doctor Kadawaki, she has Elnoyle cards and you need 20 of those, so there may be a bit of farming required here. 

Okay after getting all of those Elnoyle cards we should now be able to refine 10 Pulse Ammo which is a requirement to make the Lionheart, so no that grind for Elnoyle cards cannot be skipped, sorry.

OPTION 1 – Keep your party level average around 19, so no level grinding and when you reach the area after the first dream world. Head to the nearby forests (near Galbadia Garden) and fight Baby Grendels. If you kept the level average as I said, then there should be a 69% chance of them dropping Dragon Fangs. 

OPTION 2 – Farm T-Rexaurs in the Balamb Training Centre. You need Dragon Fangs. Only T-Rexaurs at level 20-29 drop them and it is at a 19% chance. 
We should now have the required Dragon Fangs, whichever method you chose. Your next task is to level Ifrit and Quezacotl so they can learn Ammo-RF and CardMOD, these abilities are necessary for refining the items and cards we just farmed our butts for.
If they already have those learnt, then good!
Now you will need to refine the Elnoyle cards to get the 2 Energy Crystals using CardMOD, yes it was a hard grind but your doing the right thing. After doing that you now need to refine the Energy Crystals into 20 Pulse Ammo.

Now we should have 4 Dragon Fangs and 20 Pulse Ammo and the only thing missing is the Adamantine

GRENDELS OPTION: If you chose the Grendel option above then progress the story until you reach the Tomb of the Unknown King (Feel free to level grind now, if you want)
 If you chose this option then head for the beach south of Dollet, here you should encounter an Adamantoise 

The Adamantoise drop Adamantine and we only need the one. Thus if you opted for the T-Rex option you will get the Lionheart slightly earlier than if you chose the other option, however the foes are quite powerful and thus is definitely the more difficult option of the two.


If you picked this option continue the story until you reach the Tomb. You need to defeat the Brothers Summon. The tomb is quite straight forward but if you need a video for navigation then here is one

After defeating the Brothers you should now be able to refine the Minotaur Card, doing so will give you the required amount of Adamantine. 


Okay now it does not matter which option you pick because now you will need to head for Deling City and to the Weapon Shop where you will now finally be able to make the Lionheart Gunblade, congrats!

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