(FF8) Final Fantasy VIII : PuPu & UFO (Side Quest) Guide

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Ever come across that strange flying UFO in the sky? Ever wondered what it meant and why it suddenly appeared? Well that strange UFO belongs to PuPu the lovable blue Alien.

The UFO appears only at certain places on the world map and you need to sight it at least four times before you get to encounter PuPu. Once you encounter PuPu you will be able to obtain his Triple Triad card.

Before we begin you will need to bring at least 5 Elixir which can be bought at Esthar. Once you have enough of those, your next goal is to hunt down the UFO locations..

Mandy Beach (Near Timber)
Heath Peninsula: East of Trabia Garden
Kashkabald Desert: East of Cactuar Island

After witnessing the UFO your next task will be to travel East and land the Ragnarok on the cliffs/canyon. Run around here and you will get into a fight with the UFO, destroy it to see the ship blow up somewhere.

​The location of the ship is actually where Balamb Garden used to be stationed. 

Run around the crater until you bump into the blue Alien, Pupu. Not DON’T attack him, instead here you will want to feed him 5 Elixir. Once you have done that, the fight will end and you will get the PuPu card for your trouble.

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