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The Queen Of Cards side quest can be regarded as a rather long drawn out one, which requires a lot of travelling around, hoping for good region rules and of course plenty of Triple Triad.
The good thing about this is that the quest opens up a lot of unique cards that are only available during this quest. 

In order to activate this quest you need to be in Balamb Town, near the Train Station you will encounter a woman who seems to dressed rather differently and stands out quite a bit, upon talking to her you’ll realise she is the Queen of Cards.

However, she has very specific rules depending on what region you are currently in. She also has a habbit of running off after playing Triple Triad and beating her. You also need to loose specific cards to her in order to unlock new ones too.

So below is a guide on where she is located, what cards you need to loose and which ones unlock upon doing so.


Mini Mog
Chicobo Card


Chubby Chocobo

After loosing a specific card your next task is to hunt down the new one.



The Kiros card can be found in Deling City, near the Weapon Shop.

The Irvine card can be found in Fisherman Horizon (FH). In the middle of town, the Mayor’s wife has it

The chubby Chocobo card can be found in Balamb Garden, 1F.

The Doomtrain card can be found at the pub in Timer.

The Phoenix card can be found in Esthar and challenging Aide.

If you are wondering where to get your cards back, you can challenge the Queen’s son. The Queen’s son is in Dollet, he is the kid that runs off into a painting room on the right side of the pub. He is also often seen with a dog too.

The Card Queen’s locations vary and can be random. However, usually she will give a slight hint as to where she will go next

Balamb Town – Near the station
Dollet – She will be at the pub, top floor.
Deling City – She will be at the Hotel
Fisherman Horizon – On the bridge before heading into the small town
Trabia – Shumi Village. Hotel
Cetra – In the Winhill Hotel
Esthar – Presidential Palace. Somewhere Far Away – Lunar Gate

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