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Guardian Force (GF) is the name for the Summons in this game, they are powerful entities in which you can summon to aid you in your journey. 
Each one has its own unique abilities and they can also learn valuable abilities for the player too including the ability to modify cards, increase the character’s strength and much more! They are very valuable and shouldn’t be ignored or left unequipped. 

However, many of the summons are not exactly easy to figure out their location and some even require certain tasks to be completed before being able to get them. Below is a list of how to get each one and more!

SUMMON: Alexander
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Drawn from Edea during Disc 2
SUMMON: Bahamut
ELEMENT: Mega Flare
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Beat him in the Deep Sea Research Centre
SUMMON: Brothers
​HOW TO ACQUIRE: Defeat them in the Tomb Of The Unknown King
SUMMON: Jumbo Cactuar
ELEMENT: 1,000 Needles
​HOW TO ACQUIRE: Defeat him on Cactuar Island
SUMMON: Carbuncle
ELEMENT: Reflect
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Drawn from the Iguions during disc 1
SUMMON: Cerberus
ELEMENT: Double / Triple
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Found in Galbadia Garden during disc 1
SUMMON: Diabolos
ELEMENT: Demi/Gravity
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Headmaster Cid will give the team a Magical Lamp, use this Lamp to activate a fight against Diabolos. Beat him to obtain him
SUMMON: Doomtrain
ELEMENT: Random Status Effects
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Doomtrain needs to be created using the Solomon Ring 

Items Needed:

x1 Solomon Ring – Acquired automatically at Tear’s Point.
x6 Marlboro Tentacles – Kill, mug or refine cards for these. Marlboro has these
x6 Steel Pipes – Kill, mug or refine cards. Wendigo has these.
x6 Remedy+ – Using Alexander’s Med Lv Up ability, you can turn regular Remedies into Remedy+
ELEMENT: Eternal Breath
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Eden is located at the Deep Sea Research Centre
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Automatically during the Fire Cavern
SUMMON: Leviathan
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Drawn from Master Norg during disc 2
SUMMON: Pandemona
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Drawn from Raijin/Fujin during disc 2
SUMMON: Quezacoatl
ELEMENT: Lightning
HOW TO ACQUIRE: At Squall’s computer at the start of the game
​HOW TO ACQUIRE: At Squall’s computer at the start of the game
ELEMENT: Silence effect
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Drawn from Elvoret during disc 1
SUMMON: Tonberry
ELEMENT: Chef’s Knife
HOW TO ACQUIRE: Kill 20 small Tonberries to trigger this one. You will only find him at the Centra Ruins (South West of the map)

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