(FF15) Final Fantasy XV – How To Defeat Adamantoise (Lonely Rumblings – Tortoise Toppler) In Under 10 Minutes Guide (Trophy Achievement)

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The Adamantoise is known to be a superboss within (FF15) Final Fantasy XV and occurs when you activate the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe hunt. When you actually manage to defeat it you will receive and unlock the Tortoise Toppler trophy achievement. 

​Now if you are not fully prepared this boss will defeat you within seconds or it can take literally hours to defeat. Thankfully there is a way to shorten those long and drawn out hours into mere minutes.

The guide below will hopefully help you out with that mere task, then the only true enemy within this fight will end up being the darn camera angles..

​How to defeat the Adamantoise in under 10 minutes

I think I managed to beat it in 9 minutes but I do think I could of got a faster time if it wasn’t for the Camera angles.

Anyway the main aim is to first target the left foot use an Attack boost item to increase your overall strength and keep mashing at it until the Adamantoise goes vulnerable

From there attack its neck using Ignis just helps boost your attack you should be constantly hitting for 9999 damage

Then hit the Armiger on its left leg when its finished being vulnerable (this is where I fluffed it due to it moving and the Camera angles) but if you manage to hit its left it should go vulnerable yet again so repeat and aim for its neck

It now becomes weak on the right foot so repeat as shown in the video..

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