(FF15) Final Fantasy XV – How To Get To The Crestholm Channels (Sealed Door – Menace Dungeon) Guide

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The Menace Dungeons are a series of optional end-game dungeons that feature long pathways and corridors filled with deadly monsters and fiends.

This page will cover how to actually get to the Sealed Door of the Crestholm Channels, once you find this door you can then enter the Menace Dungeon of the Crestholm Channels.

I decided to do a guide on this after seeing quite a few people struggle on trying to find the actual door to the Dungeon, so here we are..

Video shows you how to get to the Crestholm Channels Sealed Door for the Menace quest.
Its an easier find than the Daurell door but I have seen a few people get lost still xD

If you have yet to activate the Machines needed to open the Green gate then refer to this video: Crestholm Channels / Ever Illustrious Regalia and read the video description!

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