(FF15) Final Fantasy XV – Pitioss Ruins Dungeon Maze (Black Hood) Guide

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The Pitioss Ruins Dungeon is an end-game maze featured in (FF15) Final Fantasy XV, it is also home to the rather lovely Black Hood accessory.

The Black Hood accessory is a rather good accessory in the fact that whoever wears it can actually evade all incoming attacks, which makes it useful against hordes of enemies and when you are in a bit of a pinch.

However, in order to acquire it you must complete the Pitioss Ruins Dungeon, which as already mentioned is a maze and thus it can be rather tricky trying to navigate your way through and back out again.

(NOTE: Before even beginning this section, I would highly recommend that you SAVE your game! You will also need to of acquired the flying car too, which is part of the story)

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