(FF15) Final Fantasy XV – Armiger Royal Arms Weapon Locations (Fateful Heir) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Armiger Royal Arms weapons are weapons made from the souls of Noctis’ ancestors, the previous kings of Lucis.

There are 13 in total and some of which are acquired automatically through the story, whilst others you will have to find and locate yourself.
When you manage to acquire all 13 you then become a deadly and powerful combatant, however the downside is that they do consume your overall Health and HP.

However, if you do manage to get them all you will unlock the Fateful Heir trophy achievement.

(NOTE: None of the guides show the story related Armiger Weapons, as those are obtained automatically)



0:00 – 19:13: Sword Of The Tall (Costlemark Tower – Only accessible during night)

Its basically a Maze with 4 panels which lead underground. Only one panel is activated at a time. 
Your aim is to ride these active panels which lead to Iron Giants as well as an Elevator room once you defeat those and ride back up the elevator your next objective is to repeat this and eventually it will lead you to a different elevator and to the Dragon boss

Warning the Dragon boss can Petrify so be prepared for that!

19:13 – : Mace Of The Fierce (Rock Of Ravatough)

Head in to the Rock Of Ravatough. Climb up to the very top and head
for the eggs. Follow the path out the only way you can and bingo!



0:00 – 3:46 : Bow Of The Clever (Balouve Mines)

Head for Floor B2 of the Mines

3:46 – 6:32 : Star Of The Rogue (The Myrlwood)
6:32 – 7:57 : Shield Of The Just
7:57 – : Scepter Of The Pious (Malmalam Thicket)

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