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Abzu is another story related boss that you will come across whilst in the Sewers of Chapter 10 – Rough Waters

He is a rather large beat with horns and resembles a board that can stand on it’s hind legs. 

NAME: Abzu
CHAPTER: Chapter 10 – Rough Waters
HP: 21450
DROPS: Phoenix Down

Abzu is one of Don Corneo’s pets that he likes to keep hidden within the Sewers. It is quite large and can cause quite a bit of damage too.

One of his moves is Charge where he will get down on all 4 and begin charging at your party and knock them flying should they get hit by this.

Ground Pound is another move that it can do in which he will smash the floor and anyone nearby. 

The best strategy for this fight is to aim for Abzu’s horns as this will stun him and his horns are quite weak too.

Another move to watch out for his Pounce move where he will jump on to the nearby wall and then land on top of your party members and cause them to be Bound

After a while Abzu will then use Blackwater Blast where it will cause Sewer Water to come into the room, thankfully as long as your away from the vent in which he is near you will not or shouldn’t get hit by this. 

So basically aim for the horns and keep your distance whilst also hitting him with any and all Fire spells.

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