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Reno is a member of the Shinra Turk’s unit General Affairs Division. He is very fast and agile with the ability to leap into the air and attack with his Shinra-made security baton.

NAME: Reno
CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard
HP: 3343
DROPS: Ether

Reno might be fast and agile but he shouldn’t be too difficult to take down, one method I have since come across is the ability to use the Parry move with the Punisher Mode in effect. Simply use this whenever he is about to attack and this really should be an easy win, I’m surprised I didn’t realise this before!

A few of Reno’s abilities include EM Shot and Shock Swipe which will basically be a follow up move from each other, EM Shot is when his baton will turn to electricity and the Shock Swipe is the follow up where he will hit you with a normal baton attack, and thing is after being hit with EM Shot you cannot do anything about it as Cloud will be temporarily stunned. Thus Reno will attempt to gain a combo from this.

After Reno has taken enough damage a short scene will then play and he will now use the ability to throw out some EM Mines.
The Mines are quite weak though with only a mere 76 health and thus could probably be taken out in one hit.
They are however quite lethal in the fact that if you happen to get hit by one of them Cloud will once again get stunned and thus Reno will follow-up on that with another attack of his own.

I would also advise against using Limit Breaks as Reno can easily avoid taking most of the damage from this. Unless he is on the floor and stunned, otherwise I would really suggest against it. 

Just use the Parry method that I mentioned earlier, keep away or defeat the Mines that he summons and keep away from using Limit Breaks unless you know it will hit.​

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