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Rude is often seen with Reno as they both work for the Shinra General Affairs Division. Unlike Reno however, Rude prefers to fight using his fists and he is also a much stronger individual.

NAME: Rude
CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard
HP: 7092
DROPS: Mega Potion

Rude is one of my personal favourite characters in the Final Fantasy VII universe so it pains me to have to do a guide on how to defeat him, however it’s also a shame to do a guide on every other boss and leave him out too. hmm..oh well..

As already mentioned Rude is rather weak to anything and everything Wind related so if you have Aero equipped be sure to un-equip it and let Rude defeat you MUWAHAHAHA! I mean be sure to have it equipped and u-u-u-u-use it! *sigh* Okay I’ll stop now >:

I personally found Rude to be rather tough during my first fight against him as he enjoys grabbing my party members a lot and giving them a tight squeeze, which I personally didn’t mind but same cannot be said for poor Cloud and Aerith.

One of Rude’s abilities that you should watch out for is Sweet Dreams which will put one of your party members to sleep for a little while.

Rude fights a lot like Tifa in the fact that he really does just rely on fists and legwork (oh my) to get things done.

When Rude has taken enough damage a short scene will occur and he will now start using the Shockwave ability where he will punch the ground and trigger a small ground tremor.

Seize is also another move that you want to watch out for as he will attempt to grab one of your party members and start swinging them around and into your other party member, causing both party members to gain damage.

Spirit Geyser is another ability too in which he will summon up an explosion from the ground and fling your party into the air and causing damage that way too.

Though he has good moves and abilities I would just recommend using Wind abilities such as Aero and Parry may also be effective against him too (Punisher Mode)

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