(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Biker Boy (Motorcycle MiniGame) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Biker Boy trophy achievement is another unlockable which requires you to Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.

This motorcycle mini-game occurs during Chapter 4 – Mad Dash and it is basically the introduction to the character of Roche.

The mini-game may not exactly feel like a mini-game at first as it’s basically tied into the games actual story. There are also 3 different endings or results that you can get when you complete this too, you can either failbe okay or win the actual trophy achievement and get the best result.

In order to unlock the trophy achievement you will need to keep an eye on mainly the bike health of both Cloud and Jessie, though Biggs and Wedge’s health is also important I find that just concentrating on Cloud’s is enough.

What you want to make sure is that their health isn’t too low, so as long as you do well during the first segment you should be good.

So take out the first few waves of enemies using your left and right attacks and try to avoid taking damage. Once some mech robots come into play there will be soldiers who will carry Molotov’s that they will throw at you, so try and avoid those too.

As long as you do okay during the first few waves before Roche appears then you should be okay.

When Roche appears you will only have him to worry about and thus it should be much easier to avoid any incoming damage. 

Make use of your long distance attacks when against Roche as you will want to finish him as quickly as possible.

Keep a backup save at the end of Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum just in case you need to retry it.

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