(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : The Stagger Effect PT2 (Battle Intel – Side Quest) Guide

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Report 4 of Chadley’s Battle Intel Side Quests is known as The Stagger Effect Pt2. It requires you to stagger 15 different enemy types.

It is quite a simple one to be fair and I had this done almost straight away without even trying

SIDE QUEST NAME: Report 4 – The Stagger Effect Pt2
ACTIVATED: Complete Reports 1-3
REWARD: ATB Boost Materia
REQUIREMENT: Stagger 15 enemy types

As already mentioned I had this one complete almost straight away without even trying. In order to stagger a foe you need to learn about what it is weak to and exploit it. Thus if a foe is weak to Fire it is best to use Fire on it.

When you are attempting this it is best to equip the Assess Materia and use it on the foe you choose to battle with and you will learn of what it is weak to. Use this to your advantage and soon enough this one should be in the bag.

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