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Air Buster the iconic robotic giant built by Shinra and is probably the first really tough fight within the game too.

Anyway Air Buster will appear at the end of Chapter 7 – A Trap is Sprung. It is seen alongside the holograph of Shinra himself, thankfully though you will only have to deal with the mechanical monster which to be honest is tough enough. 

NAME: Air Buster
CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – A Trap is Sprung
WEAKNESS: Lightning
HP: 18066
GIL GAINED: 550gil
DROPS: Titanium Bangle
STEALABLE ITEMS: AI Programming Core

For the first part of the fight Cloud will be separated from both Tifa and Barret, though that doesn’t matter too much for this fight.

Some of the moves that the AirBuster can pull off includes the ability to Stun one of your party members which will take them out of action for a short while.

Once he has taken enough damage he will move onto the middle walkway and start using a move known as Tankbuster. This move will cause a lot of damage to anyone it hits, thus quickly run to either of the side walkways and away from him.

Another move that he can do is remove his arms and thus it will cast lightning in front of him preventing you from able to attack him with fists and Swords, thus for this part Cloud and Tifa cannot hit him. Instead to get around this you will need to attack his arms instead so that they stop their attack and most importantly stop defending the Air Buster. 

At around the 19 minute mark on the timer on the top of the screen, it will then once again switch places and decide to leave the walkway altogether. This will be the boss’s last phase before it is finally defeated.
Sadly though it also means that both Cloud or Tifa cannot really hit him any more since they are both melee fighters, they can however still use Magic and Limit Breaks. Otherwise it’s all up to Barret to deal the damage.

There isn’t too much to worry about with his last phase other than he enjoys the ability to stun your party members more, I lost count at how many times he managed to stun Barret on my first attempt at this guy.

Also, being a robot you should take advantage of his weakness to anything Lightning based to cause quite a bit of damage to him and to hopefully stun him too

Whilst your at it don’t forget to cast Barrier and anything else that can help with damage reduction.

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