(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Report 2 – Magic Elements (Chadley’s Battle Intel) Side Quest Guide

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Report 2 – Magic Elements is another of the Chadley’s Battle Intel Side Quests, it is the second one in the quest-line.

For this one you are tasked with having to attack enemies with either Ice, Fire or Lightning depending on what that specific foe is weak against.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Report 2 – Magic Elements Pt.1 (Battle Intel)
ACTIVATES: Complete Chadley’s Report
CONDITIONS: Hit enemies vulnerable to fire, ice or lightning using appropriate magic. (Number of attacks: 1 for each element)

(Note: I did this on Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum)
Thankfully this also manages to count any prior battles too, thus if you have managed to find the foe’s weakness during prior chapters these will also count towards completion.
Thus with that being said I was at 2/3 already so I decided to complete this during Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum.

As you can see in the video I decided to use an Ice attack on the Wrath Hound as it was weak to that element and thus as I only needed one more, I managed to complete this quest doing that.

Some of the prior fights in the previous chapters and this one too include enemies such as;


Scorpion Sentinel – Weakness : Lightning
Wrath Hound – Weakness : Ice (On the Prowl Side Quest)
Gorger – Weakness: Ice
Wererat – Weakness : Ice


Security Officer – Weakness: Fire
Elite Security Officer – Weakness : Fire
Grenadier – Weakness: Fire
Sentry Launcher – Weakness : Lightning
Sentry Gun Prototype – Weakness : Lightning
Sweeper – Weakness : Lightning
Cutter – Weakness : Lightning
Grashtrike – Weakness : Ice
Blugu – Weakness : Lightning
Terpsicolt – Weakness : Ice
Roche (Fight 1) – Weakness : Fire

To name but a few…

Simply use any attack on those foes which are weakest to that element in order to clear this one, if you failed to find the weak spot of the prior chapter monsters then you can always do it later, you don’t need to be on Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum, I at the time however was at this point. 

Use one of each element on any creature or individual that is weakest to that specific element in order to clear this one.

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