(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Cloud & Tifa (Secret / Hidden) Cutscene

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Final Fantasy VII Remake or FF7 Remake for short has many hidden secrets and easter eggs, one of which is the cinematic between Cloud Strife and Tifa.

This cutscene cinematic is part of the discoveries that you can unlock, a lot of these discoveries requires you to complete certain tasks or unlock certain areas. Many of these tasks will either lead to hidden items and/or hidden cutscene cinematics like this one between Cloud and Tifa.

This exact discovery is known as Alone at Last and in order to unlock it you need to complete all 6 side quests during Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum.

Alongside unlocking this hidden/secret cutscene cinematic you will also get an item known as Crescent Moon Charm

In this specific cutscene Tifa and Cloud have a conversation regarding dress and fashion, whilst being all alone together. How romantic..

You can watch the Tifa & Cloud Cinematic 2 here, yes there is another one!

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