(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : All Collectibles (Chapter 4 – Mad Dash) Materia / Music Locations Guide

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Final Fantasy VII Remake or FF7 Remake for short has many different collectibles within the game, including; Materia, Armor, Weapons, Music, Music Discs and more!

Collecting certain ones will also unlock trophies and achievements such as the Music or Music Discs, getting all of these will unlock the following trophies achievements

Music Collector
Collect 3 music discs.
Disc Jockey
Collect all music discs.

For this page we will be covering the different collectibles that are found within Chapter 4 – Mad DashMad Dash has a total of 3 different collectibles in total.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this page will only be showing the collectibles that are found outside of town and around town. Anything that can be bought from a town store will not be included in this page, it is done with the intention of presuming people will automatically look at shops to begin with and these collectibles are not exactly hard to find as they are already purchasable to begin with. (This is regarding the video, the page itself will include this. Just in case people are indeed interested).
See below.

I will however include any Music and Music Discs that can be bought from shops as these are the ones that grant the trophies and achievements. 


0:00 – 1:00 : Revival Materia
1:00 – 2:37 : Barrier Materia
2:37 – : Luck Up Materia

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