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This quest involves reporters and some Angel that is wondering around the Steel Mountain, it also involves a general case of greed too.

However, it is started in Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard and for me it activated after completing all of the other quests first.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Angel of the Slums
ACTIVATED: For me this one activated after completing all of the other side quests (5)
CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard
REWARD: 2,000gil
REQUIREMENT: Find the Angel of the Slums
LOCATION: Center District / Steel Mountain

Damon is a reporter for the Daily Buzz and according to him there is a bandit going around and targeting Shinra individuals, this bandit is known as the ‘Angel of the Slums’

After speaking with him you will want to head inside the building next to him and find a person named, Mireille
After speaking with her you will then want to return back to Damon and before long you will then be tasked with hunting this famous Angel down.
The Angel can be found at the bottom right of the map in Steel Mountain.

The location is on a high platform that requires you to climb up various different ladders to get to and once on top of this platform you will be greeted by a fiend known as, Chromogger

The Chromogger is a large robotic enemy with a weakness to Lighting, so be sure to take advantage of this.

Chromogger is quite a large machine that wields a giant ball that can be used to swing and knock your party into dust, so be careful.
Some other attacks that it can perform include; Whirling Smokestack which causes a red fiery element to appear on the floor and if you stand on this you will be hit with Silence. Silence causes that particular character to be unable to use any sort of magical spell for a short period of time.
Skull Cracker is another move in which Chromogger will use, this attack is basically a melee attack using the giant ball that it wields

So the basic strategy for this one is to focus your attacks on Chromogger’s body and ignore the giant ball it uses, as attacking this will cause barely any damage if any at all.
Use Lightning spells and keep away from his Smokestack attack.

Once the battle ends you will then need to head to the nearby table and take a small letter from it, this letter was actually written by the real Angel of the Slums

Once you take the calling card letter you will be free to end and complete the quest. 

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