(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Chadley’s Report (Battle Intel) Side Quest Guide

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Chadley’s Report is the first quest into the whole Battle Intel side quest lineup. It is triggered automatically through the story.

Chadley will task Cloud with having to Assess 2 different monster species. Thankfully he actually gives you the Assess Materia that is required in order to complete this.

SIDE QUEST NAME: Chadley’s Report (Battle Intel)
REWARDS: Auto-Cure Materia. Battle Intel side quests unlocked.
INITIATED: Automatically (Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum)
REQUIREMENT: Assess 2 different creatures

Chadley will be standing next to another quest related character and it will be unlocked automatically through the story.
Anyway after speaking to Chadley you should now have the Assess Materia, you will need to equip this in order to progress.

Now in the above video I decided to do this via completing other quests, however you don’t need to do this as completing other quests does not do anything for this one as such. They are completely unrelated.

Anyway after equipping the Assess Materia we can move on, you will need to find some monsters/fiends and it doesn’t matter where you go to look for them. Either the Abandoned Facility or the Scrap Boulevard as long as the enemies are different from one another.

You will then want to initiate a fight with the creatures there and rack up your ATB bar enough in order to be able to use the Ability option.
From there use the Assess option on the monster and in doing so you will learn of it’s weaknesses and other vital information related to it, do this with at least 2 different creatures in order to complete it.

This is basically the equivalent of the Final Fantasy Scan ability. Anyway after Assessing a few different monsters you can now report to Chadley and unlock the Auto-Cure Materia and the next Battle Intel side quests

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