(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Rat Problem (Side Quest) Guide

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This is another side quest that automatically unlocks during the course of the story, this time you are tasked with taking out the Wererats and Doomrats.

Also, as the Item Store Owner mentioned, these monsters can and most likely will call for backup so be careful not to get overrun.

QUEST GIVER: Item Store Owner
ACTIVATED: Story related (Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum)
CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum
REWARD: 5 Hi-Potions
REQUIREMENT: Slay Wererats and Doomrats
LOCATION: Sector 7 Slums

As already mentioned we need to hunt some rats! So finish speaking with the Item Store Owner and lets begin!

You will find the rats a little to the North of the Item Store in a small empty lot.

You will first be tasked with having to take care of the Wererats which are weak to Ice so take care of those and then report back to the Item Store Owner and tell him of your amazing work!

Hmm, it seems he is still not happy and thus asks for us to go back and deal with another type of rat, this time the Doomrat will show.

The Doomrats are rather larger than the Wererat but are also weak to Ice so make sure to take them to their cold impending doom.

​Once you have dealt with those, the quest will then end.

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