(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : On The Prowl (Side Quest) Guide

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On the Prowl is another side quest that you can unlock automatically through the story, it requires you to take down one of the Shinra dogs known as the Wrath Hound, which was last seen at the Scrap Boulevard.

ACTIVATED: Story related (Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Slum)
REQUIREMENT: Slay the Wrath Hound
LOCATION: Sector 7 Slums – Scrap Boulevard

For a limited time the Wrath Hound will be the only fiend in this area and you will find him alone near the back of the area. ​

The Wrath Hound is a creature that likes to run around a lot and will move from one spot to another during the fight, he is also weak to Ice attacks too.

If when he does run away you end up losing sight of him, just simply head back to the entrance of the Scrap Boulevard and you will find him once again, defeat him to complete the quest.

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