(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake – Crab Warden (Boss Fight) Guide

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The Crab Warden looks and more or less acts like its namesake, a walking battle Crab. Unlike other enemies within the game, the Crab Warden is actually a new type of enemy within the Final Fantasy VII series.

Though it has its own special combat mechanics to deal with, it’s not actually that tough.

NAME: Crab Warden
CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – Dogged Pursuit
WEAKNESS: Lightning
HP: 14755
DROPS: Metal Knuckles
STEALABLE ITEMS: Molotov Cocktail

Though I unfortunately do not show it in the actual video, the best way to deal with this guy is to aim for the legs and treat it like the Scorpion Sentinel from Chapter 1 – Mako Ractor.

So attack it’s legs and be sure to use any Lightning based magic on him whenever possible, this is his main weakness.

When he has taken enough damage he will then start summoning several Slug Ray enemies to help him, these are actually rather weak and just like the boss itself it is also weak to Lightning based magic too.
Just deal with them or ignore them the choice is up to you, I personally I chose to ignore them myself and kept attacking the main boss instead.

Part way through the fight the boss can start using Missile Barrage which will summon several missiles towards the party, so try to avoid those is possible. It really is a similar fight to the Scorpion Sentinal.

However, there is one attack that this boss does a bit differently and that is an attack called Surge. This attack can cause electricity on the floor, what you need to do here is to find a spot on the floor that does not have electricity on and be quick about it.
After a while the electricity on the floor will erupt and cause damage to your party.

This is basically the whole fight, aim for it’s legs and watch out for missiles and the electric floor.

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