(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Cleanup Crew (Chocobo & Moogle) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Moogle and Chocobo, the iconic mascots of the Final Fantasy universe and aren’t they adorable?

Anyway one of the trophies and achievements within Final Fantasy VII Remake or FF7 Remake for short is Cleanup Crew which requires you to find and obtain the Moogle and Chocobo Materia

In order to obtain this Chocobo and Moogle Materia you will need to be on Chapter 6 – Light the Way

Once you are on Chapter 6 – Light the Way, you will need to progress the story a bit until you end up in the area where you will need to activate several different Lamps. Where you need to be is the area right near the end of the Chapter. (See image below)

The area you need to be in is H-01 and from here you will want to ignore the elevator that leads you out of here and onto the next chapter, forget that one for the time being.
Instead nearby is another elevator or moving platform should we say in which you can operate, do so and you should reach the opposite side where you will find a set of ladders that you can climb up.

Once you have managed to climb up the ladders here you will find both a terminal and a vending machine, this vending machine actually has the Electric de Chocobo music CD if you need it too, so be sure to grab it if you do!

What you actually need to do for this trophy achievement though is to activate the other machine, in doing so you will power off the nearby Vents.

A nearby door will now open and thus head inside and be greeted with not only a timer at the top of the screen but a Queen Grashtrike too, deal with it in order for the timer to stop.

Once those have been dealt with you will then need to quickly activate the nearby terminal here which will open yet another door, you will find the red coloured Chocobo & Moogle materia here.

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